Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lucy Boston Blocks

Thanks for the responses on the Caribbean Lucy Boston blocks!
It's so fun to choose colors and they are easy peasy to put together!
These blocks are also called Patchwork of the Crosses and Linda Franz has a great book and some helpful videos on her site.
I found out about Lucy Bostons or POTC blocks on Pinterest.  Go figure.  I was at a local quilt show last year and found a vendor selling the acrylic templates and paper patties and bought them.  I'm not using a book, just sort of (as usual) muddling my way through.
You can hand piece (English Paper Piecing) these blocks using acrylic templates to cut your fabric
and paper ones for piecing.
Some stitchers will baste the fabric onto the paper template.  Others will use a glue pen.
I use an Elmer's Glue Craft stick.
Here is the finished block I had cut out last week.
EPP (English Paper Piecing) is very relaxing and can be done on the go, while waiting on kids during soccer practice, and being on the ready to help kids with schoolwork.
(which means I sit at the table while they work, because as soon as I walk away to sew, they need me right now!  LOL)
Also on the table is the Bow Tie Value quilt.
I'm echo quilting the "circular" block.  Plain white thread.  Which I love!  There's just something so clean and simple about it.
This morning I surprised my family with pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins for breakfast.
Go me!
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  1. Thank you so much for the extra information on these beautiful blocks! For just "winging it" you are certainly doing a beautiful job. Your finished ones are really really pretty!

  2. That first block is AMAZING! Beautifully done!! I have such respect for people who do EPP!

  3. I loved learning about the Lucy Boston blocks Dee...sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Well.....all I can say is that your 'muddling through' seems to result in the most gorgeous stitching!! Not only are these templates practical they are purty as well!! Wish I breakfasted at your home.....YUM!!

  5. Your EPP block is just gorgeous!

  6. I'd like to do this ( next year or so after whatever I started THIS year is off the plate, lol! ) Until then I shall enjoy watching YOU ! :)

  7. Loving this EPP. Great work! Best, Kate

  8. Those look tricky, but they sure are beautiful!

  9. beautiful blocks! I love how all of the fabrics work together within them!

    I'm so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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