Monday, March 24, 2014

Metro Rings Scraps and Another WIP Off The Pile

higgledy-piggledy:  topsy-turvy, jumbled
Perfectly describes this scrappy quilt!  See the date tag in the lower, right corner?  April of 2010!
In this picture, I have just a few blocks sewn into rows.  Thousands of scraps from all over in a topsy-turvy jumble of chaos!
Finished almost four years later, it's one of my favorite quilts to look at and snuggle under!
A simple, all over meander meant "quick" quilting.
Another stripey binding chosen and sewn on during Ben's soccer practice.
Clear blue skies last week let me take a little trip for a photo shoot! 
I'm so glad I pulled this one out to's such a bright, happy promise of what's coming in the weeks ahead with Spring staggering slowly into our neck of the woods.
I also had a chance to play with scraps from the Metro Rings quilt I'm piecing and a new tool.
Kaffe Fassett, how did you know I would need these luscious tropical cools for a quilt to help a pair of newly-weds remember their honeymoon trip to Paradise?  And that the blue scraps would be too tempting to just leave wasting away in a pile?
Over at The Q and the U is an easy-peasy tute for a 21" sq. scrappy Rolling Stone block.  Which is sort of what I feel like right now.  Tumbling, rolling, letting the gravity of Life take me where it wants me to go.  Two graduations to plan for, a wedding, child moving out, child starting university full time, child starting high school, homeschooling, and a house and yard that are just as topsy-turvy as any quilt I could imagine!  There are days I feel like I don't even know which way is up!
As coincidence would have it, the blue scraps were right in front of a quilting tool I have never even opened.  Bought a while ago.  Waiting for the perfect project.  Awesome for squaring up HST's.  And the best part?
No math involved!  At all!  Whatsoever!  Huzzah!
Which explains why these little fellas were so easy to sew into these:
All I can think of when I see these is ocean.  Beach.  Water.  Summer!
These blocks ended up at 9 1/2" sq unfinished.  So fun to make and easy to stitch together.  I know, I know.  More blocks without an intended purpose in sight...but aren't they gorgeous colors to work with and look at!
Maybe a wall hanging mini?
With a green block in there in place of a blue one, just for fun?
Linking up to some great blogs where I never fail to find inspiration and smiles!
Happy Spring!


  1. I love all the colors and all the small piece work . . . beautiful!

  2. Oh, Dee, that finished quilt is yummy-licious ! Yes, that looks like Spring to me ! I'm wild about the first photo, showing it from the side going up the steps. Judging from the photo on the swing, I'm thinking it must be about 45 x 60? Wonderful treat for the eyes and the NAP !

    What a year you have ahead of you ! Don't forget to breathe !

    "You are the air I breathe.......Your Holy Spirit, living in me !"

  3. As a maths challenged gal, you get a yay for the day with your gorgeous 'ocean' quilt!! very fave is your gorgeous scrappy, higgeldy piggeldy quilt; it brings a smile to my dial just looking at it. It is stunning!! The entire symphony is playing a melodic concerto with this one, Dee!! Love, love, LOVE it!!

  4. I love how that quilt turned out. It is really fabulous. Congrats on it being a UFO no longer.

  5. Love those scrap blocks! Tell us more about that tool you used!

  6. Wow, that is just so lovely. I love scraps at the best of times anyway, but the colours are just a delight. And the blues, as you say Summer, though at this end of the world we've just about had enough of days over 30degrees Celcius. We've had such a run since December we're singing bring on the rain!

  7. love, love, love those blocks! those beautiful blues make me think of the beach!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. and your scrappy masterpiece rocks!

      Thanks so much for showing this off at Needle and Thread Thursday!

      :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. Gorgeous blocks... and no maths. Perfect.

  9. BEE-you-ti-ful!! Both quilts are so lovely--esp that hues and colors of the ocean-feeling quilt. Wonderful projects to see and what wonderful quilts they will (and have) become!

    Elizabeth E.

  10. Beautiful quilt Dee!
    I saw that tool in someone's Etsy shop and wonders about it. Thanks maybe I'll check it out. Have a great weekend!


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