Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Postest With The Mostest

We're on Fall Break for our homeschool co-op.
Three weeks to get class work for these shared subjects done.
That means lots of sewing time for me!

Taking these manly-man fabrics and turning them into:

...and then:

laying out for rows.

As soon as I stepped away to put my iPad down, the cat was aaaallll over this!
And once the blocks had been totally stampeded, she scampered off before the security camera could pan back to the scene of the crime.

The first two rows on the left are sewn together and the next two are laid out and a picture is taken to check color placement.

I am really excited about these quilts.  Even though they are not my normal color and fabric choices, the blocks are so happy!

After a soccer game last weekend, I got to go fabric shopping just for fun.  Not for a project.  Just for the sheer love of color and print!
My hoard stash has shamed me into not buying random fabric for about a year now.  I've tried really hard and been very good.

Speaking of soccer, our boys' team had Regionals weekend before last and Friday and Saturday this previous weekend, State games.  They took First Place in their division (or The Best of The Losers...as we jokingly like to say) and won Best Sportsmanship!

These boys are phenomenal kids!  They started asking other teams to pray before and/or after games several years ago.  At first, they didn't have a lot of takers.  Now, it happens almost every game.  This is a very competitive sport and sometimes tempers and attitudes run hot.  The approach our team has had has helped our players make friends with boys on other teams and left a great witness to the One they serve.
Our Ben is the one right behind the trophy. 
So proud of them!
We have Nationals this weekend.  Homeschool teams from all over the Midwest will be competing.  Hundreds of boys and girls with their teams and families coming together for a very exciting weekend!
I love homeschooling!

This is our son, Chris, at Nationals last year.  He is a freshman at college now and we miss him not being on the team, but we're so blessed to have Ben as a highschool freshman taking up the torch!
Here's to a great weekend for all of us, no matter where we are...or what we're doing!



  1. I like it...fresh colors, simple design - really nice work. Can't wait to see it all done.

  2. Your churn dash blocks are looking great. They do scream happiness. Your soccer team sounds like they all wonderful team members....so cool that they are all good sports! Oh....and love your random fabric acquisitions, good on you!

  3. Love how the quilt is coming along!

  4. Love the Churn Dash Block, your quilt looks so fresh and summery.

  5. Love a good churn dash, and your quilts are no exception. But ya gotta work on crime scene photography - someone got away!

  6. that's a great looking churn dash quilt! :)

  7. This may be my favorite block, and your fabric choices are lovely!

  8. It's looking great! Visiting from Crazy Mom Quilts :)

  9. I really like your color combination, and your blocks look great!

  10. I was trying to comment on your next post but it didn't show up correctly. I clicked over from Show and Tell Tuesday. Love that heart. The new fabrics look great. I try not to buy on "speculation" but I do succumb every once and a while ... like yesterday.


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