Saturday, August 29, 2009

Going Shopping

Taking a little trip today.  Googled quilt shops in the area we're going to and have three possible new 'favorites'.  LOL  I need to beef up my yellows and oranges.  Katie graciously shared oranges from her stash we got in Shipshewana.  With friends like that...

Found this fabric when we went on our mini vacation a couple of weekends ago.  I just loved the simple life scenes.  The muted colors and these two friends, hand in hand, sharing a long...heart to heart chat on a quiet afternoon.

Friendships are so important.  Sharing sorrows and joys.  Bearing each other's burdens and encouraging each other when we're down.  Bosom companions.  Life's gifts. 

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  1. Love ya Sis!!!

    I have got many more miles to walk with you!!

    (No mules!)


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