Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Weekend's Treasure Find

Well, the end of summer is almost here.  Next week will be the start of school and pretty soon, leaves will be falling and the weather will be getting colder and wetter.  We decided at the last minute to take one last 'mini' vacation to a state park a couple of hours away.

For our family, the trip is worth just as much as the destination.  We like to stop at antique stores, sporting goods stores, quilt and fabric stores or any other place that catches our fancy along the way.

Found this beautiful, lemon yellow and white quilt.  Now, most of the time I fall in love with old quilts, they're stained, tattered and well loved.  This one is perfect!  The white is as vivid as the day it was hand pieced and quilted to the sassy yellow.  No holes.  No wear spots.  I was in disbelief.  And you know what?  It made an awesome anniversary present for me from hubby at only $68.  Our youngest (still too young to care about dust and where the quilt might have been) confiscated it that night at our hotel and slept under it.  It was a cozy and happy sight to see him all snuggled up under it.

Maybe sleeping under the bright colors of the quilt is why he looks like he's glowing in the picture!  LOL  As soon as we all looked at the pictures from the trip...we renamed him The Atomic Boy.  Not sure how this effect happened, but it's very cool!

Henry David Thoreau said that 'Our life is flittered away by detail.  Simplify.  Simplify.'  While we were at the park, I couldn't help but wish we had a small house nestled somewhere among the trees and nooks and crannies.  To wake up every morning to the sound of Mourning Doves and water bubbling an a creek.  To simply stand in the Presence of the Creator, surrounded by His creation...soaking Him up like rays from the sun.  That each day was lived simply.  That the details would not be necessary.  Motivation and inspiration to take Life one moment at a time.  To experience the grander things and learn Life's lessons through remembering the bigger picture.  Remembering I already know the end of the book as each word appears on the page as I live it.

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