Friday, August 14, 2009

A Journey

Wouldn't you love to be walking in this quilt?

One of the first quilt books I bought was Dina Pappas's 'Quick Watercolor Quilts' on fusing, folding and stitching as little as three fabrics together to get an impressionistic style of quilt. I fell in love with the pictures and the ease of the method. Hooked, I bought Pat Maixner Magaret and Donna Ingram Slusser's 'Water Color Quilts'.

I started big. I now have a California King size quilt waiting for me to finish it. It took 6 years to make. Why six, you ask? Because at the time, my children were still small and loved to play with Mommy's pretties on the grid on the table. I would literally pull everything out of a box and place and piece fabric while they napped...and then put everything back once they were up and awake. I need to find a way to finish the back and then quilt it. I'm toying with the idea of downsizing it. It seems like a huge monster in the corner who taunts me every time I look at it. I really need to tame the beast.

Today, I'm working on the backing of a much smaller quilt. A lapsize throw inspired by Red Pepper Quilt's 'Modern Nine Patch' quilt
I love the contrast of colors of fabric in the 'full' nine patch block and the starkness of the center fabric only block. I chose blues and greens to help me remember our family vacation to the shore this summer. I'm thinking of five blocks, maybe alternating full blocks and center fabric only blocks since there are five of us in our family. *Shrug* I think I'll go play now!

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