Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hawthorne Threads Newsletter and Giveaway!

Last week, I signed up for Hawthorne Threads newsletter.  Yesterday, it was emailed out.  I love it when people go out of their comfort zone and try something new.  Especially when they're married and still in love after all of what Life slings our way!

To celebrate another married couple's "love birdness"...they're having a giveaway!

First place winner will receive a Firenze Bag Kit. This kit includes a pattern with instructions, fabrics, muslin, cording, color coordinated thread and zipper - all necessary materials except interfacing!


Second and Third Place winners will receive a Fat Quarter set of Girly Girl in Sweet by Patricia bravo.

I just love the orange and pink together!
Sew, hurry on over to
for a chance to win!

Okay...breakfast is eaten and the caffeine is starting to make its way south to be absorbed and redistributed throughout this tired, old, sore body!  LOL

Today, I don't feel so behind in everything.  We spent the weekend at basketball games and raking our front yard and getting the cars ready for winter.

All the boys pitched in (Javi up after 5 days of the flu) and hubby sweets' dad brought his leaf blower over to help.  We live in an older neighborhood with tons of trees!  Which I like for picturesque-ness and cooling properties in the summer.  But, man o' man...in the fall, I hate trees!  LOL

I'm working on Ansje's mini...more winter themed paper piecing! 

and a little project that finally proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt...that I am insane!

I am attempting to recreate in fabric, this cross stitch panel.  I have this thing for bunnies.  I'm almost halfway through the bunny on the left.  Using scraps from my scraps.  LOL  With the squares only ending up measuring 1"x1".  Sort of a postage stamp quilt, only of bunnies, a basket of flowers, hollyhocks, a garden gate and birds (more animals I have a thing for...sheesh!).

I understand if you want to stop following my madness now! 
But, I'm having a blast!

Happy, snuggly, Indian Summer day to you!


  1. Dee,
    I remember that cross-stitch. It took half of forever to stitch, and now you want to quilt it?!?!?!!!! You, my dear sweet friend, are a nut. The best kind of nut, but a nut!!

    Much love,

  2. You really are a bit mad, but I won't stop following you :).

  3. I love your paper piecing project you're working on! Beautiful! Can't wait to see it!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog about if you were closer, watching the kiddos! What a sweet thing to say and boy would I ever take you up on it! (well maybe I would... I have a hard time asking for help especially if it's to watch my kids while I do something selfish!)Probably why I have lots of gray showing in my hair, a year overdue at the optometrist, a year overdue at the dentist...I could go on and on! The hard part about husband being in the Navy...no family close by (ever) and he's gone all the time! Oh well...we manage!

    Thanks for your kind words and thanks for letting me vent! ;) Have a great day!

  4. Well...I don't know that I would call you CRAZY...maybe overly ambitious would be a more accurate description. I used to cross stitch all the time!!! That is a gorgeous pattern, and I'm sure a quilt based on that will be lovely too. But, 1 inch squares? Yep....ambitious...and talented. I love your paper piecing project. The wintry fabric is so pretty.

  5. Both projects are beautiful (and look hard!)
    You could send me some of your beautiful fall leaves :) here in the city in AZ, today is 90 degrees and there are no fall colors near me :) but that is okay :)
    I bought some fabric yesterday! hee hee! hopefully going to sew tomorrow!
    Thanks for the email!

  6. i can not wait to see this bunny panel re created!!! it is going to be amazing.


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