Monday, November 9, 2009

Sharing the Sunrise

I got a phone call this morning from hubby sweets.  He was on his way to work and I was getting ready for co-op.
He wanted to call and share the sunrise with me.  Now, this picture is not my sunrise.  LOL  My sunrise was shared with the roofline of my neighbor's house, but the colors are very much the same, and since I was nowhere near decent enough to walk down and get the camera...I thought I'd share what my heart saw sharing this moment with my best friend.

Very rarely does reality match what our hearts and heads see.  This morning, I wasn't watching the sun rise over the neighbor's black roof with all the wires we have to have for heart soared above and took me to the place I live with hubby.  A beautiful and magical mixing of his colors (blues) and mine (everything else) where the horizon meets a landscape shrouded in mystery and promise.

Sappy, I know.  Not always a reality....especially when I've taken NyQuil and am grouchy or he's trying to tickle my feet at 2a.m. because he can't sleep...
but for the most part, this is what my heart and head see when I think about my life with him.  All the years we've shared.  All the joy and sorrow that we've shared.

Our future together is out there, joined just like the horizon and the land.  Misted with unknowns, but never alone or afraid.

Blessed am I.


  1. What a blessing I have with you as a daughter and my own personal sunshine. Love you.

  2. You've got it right, Dee !
    Love that man, and store up these memories, and be there for each other, no matter what, and MAKE EVEN MORE MEMORIES !

    We ARE blessed !

    By the way, that's one thing that the stroke hasn't taken away.......hubby always took the time to point out the sunrise or sunset, (when I was too 'busy' doing my own thing), and he still points out all the beauty. Thankfully, God has taught me not to hurry past it anymore !

  3. So glad to know there are others out there that feel "sappy" love and aren't afraid to share it. I see from the first comment you have a nice mom too! I feel blessed too and try to tell the people important to me how much they mean in my life. Keep spreadin happiness Dee!

  4. Dee, thanks for sharing such a sweet loving moment. We need to slow down and enjoy.

  5. Dee, what a beautiful post. I did not know you are a poet. What a blessing to have the ability to put such wonderful thoughts and feelings into such beautiful words. Truly, truly a blessing!!! I admire you. Thank you for sharing your feelings of love and happiness!!!

  6. That is really beautiful.


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