Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Ate the Cow...Mopping Up...My Baby Loves Me...Falling Off the Wagon!

Hello out there in blogland!  It's good to be back!  LOL  I've spent the last three days recuperating from the basketball jamboree!  So much fun and I'm so proud of the boys for how they played!
We had enough sloppy joe's left over to take to the coach's house and feed our starving families!
All the ???dogs were gone and the brownies and cookies were sold!
We learned a lot and have some different ideas for next home game.
Hubby pumpkin was manning the camera and took some way cool action shots:

We always get comments on how tenacious he is and how fast at getting in and stealing the ball away from the opponents.  That he is fearless and strong.
We just explain he's also keeper for the soccer team.

Bean, who is in the fourth grade, played junior high ball and was one of the smallest players out there.
He is eager, fast and ready to play!

After three days of wearing hip waders through the house...ahem...hubby muffin decided Mommy needed some encouragement and affirmation and came home with these

One for each boy still breathing at the end of the day.  LOL

Onto quilting business.

These are why I jumped fell off the wagon to not buy any more fabric this year.  Not even sure what they will be yet, but at least they're folded neatly and snuggled down next to the other babies in the stash stacks.

My STUD (Swap Til You Drop) bud sent me a beautiful paper pieced mini for October.

I think she did a fantastic job and the button in the middle has its own little "pieced" theme going!  Thank you Cyndi!

You can head on over to the Flickr group to see the other swap partners and maybe join us in the fun?
 November partners were just chosen.  And Scootin' Annie is my bud this month.
I have already started her mini.  She likes browns, greens and turquoise mixed together.

Purrfect.  Don't you think?

Sew-Fantastic is having a giftaway.

They're gifting away a 6, 1/2 yd bundle of fabric.  I'm so excited, I can't stand it this is such a great giftaway!
Not only the 1/2yd bundle, but a fat quarter set too.
You have to go here
to view and register for that. 

Updated to add another giftaway going on to celebrate 100 posts for jaybird quilts.

1. a quilt kit for easy 1..2..3 of spring fever [quilt #2}
2. a charm pack from spring fever
3. a pinwheel & rubber ducky from me & my sister's booth decorations!

So scurry, scurry little fabric fiends!

Thanks all for the congrats on the win.  I'm watching my mailbox for two super sweet packages that should be coming soon.  One from Jenn (we did a swap on the side last month) and the 1/2 yd cuts.

Hope you all have a groovy day with lots of laughter and sewing!


  1. So happy you are back!!! Was starting to get worried ;-)) Glad you and the family survived the big weekend. Great new fabric. Love the STUD (so glad to know what that means finally) block. Thanks for sharing the giveaway info.

  2. The weekend sounds fun AND busy! Kid stuff is always like that, isn't it? :)

  3. Dee, I got you confused with Angela, the mother of triplets! Anyway, I have three boys too and know exactly what you mean about the car trash (referring to my post).

  4. Glad you like the mini! One of these days, maybe this weekend, I'll hook my camera up to my computer and transfer 3 weeks' worth of pics to it, and then maybe, just maybe, I'll try to update my blog and flickr groups with all the cute minis I've received and the others I've sent. I just keep avoiding it. Don't know why. I'd rather read other people's posts!


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