Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pillow Talk Round 2!

Reads like a "Who's Who" of blogland for me.
I watched the stars shine during Pillow Talk I.

A few weeks ago, the call went out.
Round Two!
I barely made it in under the wire.

I'm a proud member of the Perky Padding Posse.
This is a blind swap.  Meaning I know who I'm sending a pillow to, but I don't know who is sending me one.
Excitement and anticipation galore!

You can find a flickr mosaic I did here to help my mystery pillow maker see my likes.
Check out the link, because there are some creative and beautifully inspirational mosaics and sewing going on!
I'm waiting to be able to make a quilt store run (or find the right fabrics online) and my machine to be fixed before I can really start on my person's pillow.  I think I know what I'm going to do, but will just have to be patient.
Hee hee, scratch my previous poor pea brain idea!  I love flickr!
I'm so pumped because I found an inspiring block I want to base the pillow's design on.
No more Amy Butler "Love".
Kaffe Fassett, honey, here we come!

And today is KT's birthday!
We met over 14 years ago and the friendship just gets sweeter.

Happy Birthday KTbug!
Thank you for sharing your family with me.  Laughing when my kids get their heads stuck in the fence at the McDonald's playland.  Sharing your sorrows with me and sharing mine.  For all the scraps and the soft scarf.  For Mormon shopping trips.  Swimming the afternoons away.  Movie nights at the Alexandria Theatre.  The "talk me down from the ledge" phonecalls.  All the information and support to homschool.  For your treasure and my hubby sweets being buds.  For a future daughter in law.  I mean really, you have enough to share and surely one of yours would tolerate one of mine?

Love you sew dearly!


  1. Just for the record, you have talked me down more than I have talked you down!! All those sweet times are such a blessing to me too, I ponder them often. My only question is, when do I get that cake?
    Love you muchly,

  2. i am excited to see how the pillow swap goes for you.

  3. Think I need to check out the swap! Thank goodness for good friends!

  4. Dee, I enjoyed seeing your Flickr mosaic. The pillow swap sounds like fun. So far, I've only been brave enough to sign up for the siggy swap. Happy Birthday to KT. So glad y'all have each other!

  5. I missed both! So sad... Can't wait to find one that's still open!

  6. That is a super fun cake!!!! And I can't wait to see what you do for the pillow swap. I'm too swamped to get in on it, so I'm watching the fun from the side.


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