Friday, February 19, 2010

She's Here!

But I haven't taken her out of her case yet.
Almost too spooked to do so, you know?
Like, I'll hook her all up and--she won't work.

I'm clearing off the sewing table and throwing scraps into bins and boxes so I can get to work on

this New York Beauty block for Jennifer.
Not in these colors though.  She sent us purples, grays and chartreuse.

I'll do a test block first because some of the ladies in our bee are having difficulties with the finished block's size.  Off to the printer to have the pattern printed off and then to work!

Last night, while C-man was at practice, the weather gods were kind, the stars aligned and hubby snookums, Bean and I went to my NSLQS.  Where they have Amy Butler's Love fabric in stock.  My pillow pal likes this line and I was able to finally buy some from a brick and mortar store.

I am a tactile person.  I like to feel.  Touch.  "Taste" fabric with my fingers.  I get my fabric cut and then carry it around the store (much to the consternation of the clerks, but they all know me, so it's okay!).
It's like holding a baby.  Very experiential.  Very weird!

Here are the fabrics I picked.

Three of the fabrics are Amy Butler and the polka dot is who knows.  This was the last fat quarter in the store of this pattern and it has no selvage.  But I love the way it blends with the Heart and Soul fabrics.  Free Spirit's Lovebirds and Butterflies blends perfectly, don't you think?

I'm doing the block found on flickr.  The birds will be in the bottom right hand and I will sort of Log Cabin my way out from there.

On a side note, I picked up the Heart peonies (pinks and aqua blue), an electirc purple solid and some yummy Hollyhocks from Rowan Fabrics.



  1. So glad your 'baby' is home safe and sound. I'll be listening for the hum of your baby from all the way up here in Canada :^)

  2. Pretty fabrics! Love those Lovebirds and Butterflies!

  3. beautiful fabric choices! can't wait to see the finished products!!

  4. I am so happy that your baby is home! thrilled for you! can't wait to see all your sewing that will be done with her :)

    You have an amazing eye for fabric Dee, that is going to be gorgeous!

  5. Hooray! Hurry take her for a spin! Can't wait to see your selections done. Gorgeous choices!

  6. Yay!!!! When can you both come over to play?!?
    I can see pavement on my road!!

  7. The NY Beauty block you pictured is the exact pattern I chose. It wasn't too hard, and I still can't figure out why it came out a little off, size-wise. But if you don't like curved piecing, choose another block. This block requires curved piecing 4x, and some of the others only twice. Just so you know....

  8. Yeah, Dee! So glad your baby is home safe and sound. You picked out some great Amy Butler fabrics. You are lucky that your LQS carries them. I have to purchase them online. I really like the bird and butterfly fabric as well. So pretty. Good luck on that block. It looks tricky (to me). Enjoy the weekend sewing!

  9. ooooh pretty fabrics! that love is so pretty and i love a polka dot. i can not wait to see your blocks


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