Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hard evidence that the cat and dog are in collusion.  This is what is left of the fresh, hot loaf of bread we had with our salad Saturday night before going off stargazing for fun/school.

The cat, who can get on the counter, hopped up and ate what she wanted.  To pacify and bribe the dog, she knocked the rest onto the floor.  Lady, I'm sure, ate some of it and then hid the rest in her cage.  Sunday morning she brought it out for al fresco dining.

My good friend Joy brought me a vase full of lilacs last week.  One of my favorite memories from childhood is the huge lilac bush my parents had at the side of their shed in the back yard.  My mom would cut armloads and bring them inside.  Every time I walked by this bouquet, I was a little girl again playing in the yard.  Smelling the lilacs when the wind blew.  I was a little girl in the kitchen of my parents' house.  Thank you Joy!

Before.  The gag me, gross me out, so abused couch cushion.  Once upon a time, this was the coolest couch.  The In-Loves gave it to us when we were married.  It's still in awesomely good shape as far as the frame goes.  It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  And it needed to be saved!

This is where it's going.  Last week I got the two seat cushions and one of the back cushions sewn and threw away the old covering and stuffing.  I was going to do several square pillows for the back instead of the two that the couch originally came with.  But I dreamed the back cushions looked better with two and with the gingham in the center sashed by the floral.  So, I'm working on the second back cusion today.  I just sewed the zipper onto the fabric.

May I just take a moment?  LOL  I am not a zipper person.  And now I realize how I could have done a hidden one on the cushions.  But, we learn as we go don't we?  I am especially proud of the zippers.  I salvaged the old zippers from the original cushions.  One, because I'm cheap economical and like to recycle and repurpose.  Two, because I wanted to keep the exact same size cushion cover and this made sense.

I am so very pleased with how this is turning out.  I hope to get the other back cushion finished today.

Yesterday I got the fabric for May's block for the ISQ beeAlison sent us Hope Valley fabric to make her blocks.  Feeling a little sheepish, because I just finished the prototype for Sharon.

She asked us to make wonky gnome homes.  Any size.  Well, if you're gonna go, go big!  LOL  I got to thinking that there might be gnomes who love to sail.  And all sailors need a way to find their way home.  So, I'm pleased to introduce you to the Lighthouse Keeper Gnome.  He keeps the glass glean and the oil full.  He never abandons his post and lives to help his fellow gnomes come to safe harbor.

Thank you for your responses yesterday.  They lifted my heart and I was thankful for each one.  Like little stars twinkling in the dark sky that sometimes feels way too big and overwhelming to me.
Bless you all.


  1. what a naughty little dog!! :o) i am dying to see the finished couch. It looks like it is going to be stunning. you rock!!! i love the gnome lighthouse. so creative and cute.

  2. lol, my cat and dog have been teaming up since they were a kitten and a puppy to do things like this.

  3. Funny animals!
    Lilacs are some of my favorite bushes.
    Cushions are looking fantastic.
    LOVE your lighthouse gnome!

  4. got YOUR lilacs ! I'm happy for you !
    I just saw a bush in bloom today, when I went to buy a used lawnmower. I said to hubster, "oh, there's a lilac bush, and it makes me remember the one by our house when I was a little girl!" I could ALMOST smell it.

    Your couch is going to be gorgeous....I've made alot of couch cushion covers in my day, but usually went with whatever fabric I could find on sale in a big piece. Nothing as pretty as this is going to be !!
    Gnome lighthouse......girl, we would expect nothing less from you !

  5. Your cushions are looking so good! Nice work on the zipper and way to recycle and reuse! I love that!
    So how tall is the lighthouse keeper gnome block? It's too cute!

  6. oh, and the pic of your dog cracks me up! He's soooooooo busted! He looks so guilty!

  7. LOVE LOVE that gnome lighthouse! And your couch is looking fabulous!!! Great job on those zippers - they look perfect.

  8. Love the pets working together! Before my dog passed away a year ago, one of the cats would jump up and open the door for him to get into a room if the door was shut (we have those latch-type door handles). She jumps up and pulls down with her paws. She's a big girl, so she let's gravity do the work for her. This is not Sammy (who you have probably seen many times on my blog). Sammy is too small and can't pull down hard enough.

    That is a gorgeous bouquet!

  9. I love lilacs, too. They say the sense of smell is a very good way to access memories. I love your cushions. I hope you post a photo fo the finished sofa.

  10. I love lilacs too! When I was in college the house we rented had a beautiful yard with lilacs over the decking~you photo reminded me of that house and those 5 crazy roommates of mine! Love them and the memories~1980 somethin'. . .When you're done perfecting your cushions, please come to my house, I have denim couches which are still so comfy, but look like a worn out pair of Levis~5 kids, their friends and my husband. . .I want to recover the cushions, but I'm goose-pimply scared to try! Have a good day, my friend!

  11. How cute!! The fact you tore up the old to make new is awesome! This is going to look super pretty! We always had lilacs too. Now I have to satisfy myself with sweet smelling candle instead!

  12. My dog stole away with a pork roast once. I was furious!

    Your cushions look amazing! I am so impressed with the workmanship. :)

  13. I love your doggie, I missed mine last week. I hope you are enjoying that wonderful lilac because it is my favorite smelling flower. I love your cushions. I am impressed and I love the colors you picked. Very cool. You do a great job! I wish we could meet someday! Take care, Steph


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