Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Another morning of testing at the local middle school for Middleman-the child formerly known as C-man.  LOL
Hey, if it works for the rock star formerly known as Prince...
Co-op's last day was Monday.  Bye bye Classic Lit, Science Lab and Greek & Latin.
We're down to Espanol, and Algebra I here at home and the science class at school.  Javi is wrapping things up at his school and will be done in the next couple of weeks, then graduation.  It's all a blur!

Well, that was different!  A new way to upload pictures to my blog.  Hmmmm.  Maybe someone needs to ask first before they start changing the way they do things around here!  Hrumph.

Really, it's okay.  It took a minute, but I think I got it. 

I've been free piecing during my free time in the morning.  Seemed appropriate.  Although, it sounds a little hippyish or druggish to say that.  And I keep singing "Freebird" in my head.  Hope you get to sing it to yourself all day too!  I wouldn't want you to miss the fun.  Nothing wrong with a little Lynyrd Syknyrd in the a.m.

Scraps from all over.  From friends near and far.  Greedy little hands frantically stuffing a ziploc baggie with as many as she can and still get the zipper closed.  Kaffe Fassett, Denyse Schmidt, Amy Butler, Heather Ross, Wal Mart and some vintage.  LOL  Rubbing shoulders.  Kickin' back.  Hangin' out together in my quilt.

Remember those candy necklaces you could buy?  On the teeny tiny string of elastic?  The ones you crunched off?

Those are what this quilt remind me of.  Candy on a string.  LOL

I know, I know.  Yes.  Please look at the new hole in my head.  It's there with this new project I've started.  I chopped up

(after having added a little more) into 6" squares and sashed with fun, fanciful, happy fabric.

Stay tuned!


  1. this is amazing...i am so in love with this quilt. you rock!!!

  2. I love your "freebird"! It reminds me of beautiful stained glass windows! So pretty and colorful!

  3. Love the new quilt! Love all the color. I'm getting alot more done today, now that my daughter is back to school after a teachers strike!

  4. I thought the same exact thing when I uploaded a picture on my blog this morning... LOL

    Your quilt is beautiful! I love all the scraps you have carefully collected and pieced.

    Jennifer :)

  5. A new way to upload! Oh, goodness. Hope I can manage it. Anyway, your blog is pretty, pretty, pretty today! :)

  6. How springy and fresh it looks! Beautiful stuff today, my friend!

  7. those colors are just so happy and pretty. lovin' your candy quilt!

  8. So fun, so YOU! Isn't it too weird when a song gets in your head and you can't get it out. I saw your quilt and "What a Day for a Daydream" popped into my head. I'm blaming you for this loop that will keep playing as I take out the trash and deal with life. Life. Always welcome.
    Just like Dee's posts. Have a good one.

  9. how beautiful!! the colors are sooo bright and cheery!! :)

  10. The scrappy quilt is very eye catching. The colors remind me of a box of pastel chalks.

  11. I love all those free pieced blocks! And the colors are awesome.

    Those candy necklaces were always a favorite when I was little, but hated the soggy elastic as you got to the end!


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