Friday, April 9, 2010

P.S. Anonymous, I love you!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a frantic phone call from my mom.  And one from KT.  Wanting to know if I had read the horribly scary, nasty comment from Anonymous at the end of the post where I shared a picture of our house.  They were very concerned.

I went and read the comment and had a very sneaky suspicion it might have been hubby toots.
Well, he confessed last night.  So Mom, KT and anyone else who was a little freaked out, try living with him 24/7/365!  Now you know where my boys get it from and why there's more gray in my hair than there ought to be!

It also might be why he may not make it to his birthday next year!  LOL

We celebrated hubby funny's special day on Sunday with his side and my side of our families.  Two parties in one day!  Crumbly coffee cake for his parents' house and chocolate, chocolate for the Easter celebration at my sister's house.
All week, chef Dee called him at work and asked his preference for a favorite or appetizing meal of his choice for that night.  Chicken Parmasagn.  Pizza.  Cinnamom and vanilla French toast.  Among other tasty culinary delights.
Last night we went to Ruby Tuesday's and split the steak and lobster meal and he got a free sundae for his special day!  Home then with the boys and a candle on the birthday cupcake.  The "Happy Birthday" song and an evening watching "The Unit".

Happy the Day After your Birthday honey!
I'm sure my mom will forgive you if you don't do it again!
Knowing KT, she'll probably kick yer lil' fanny!

Fabric that Sharon from ISQ's bee sent us.  This is super confectionary sweet fabric for her block for April.  She's asking for 1-2 blocks of gnome homes for her quilt.  I'm so excited!  This is going to be fun!

My Friday Finish this week is to have all the vintage blocks sewn together.  The heart I'd made turned out to be the perfect size to sew into the middle of them all!  This will be a twin size cuddly quilt for us when all is said and done.

I just need some suggestions on the outside sashing for this.  It's such a mix of vintage quilty color, I'm at a loss as to what to use.  Any suggestions?

Another Friday Finish will be next week's starter project.  The three walls I was hoping to have done in order to paint the ceiling and then move onto the walls themselves, are done.  Woo hoo!  Somewhere about mid-week, I discovered that if you take the shop vac (turned on, mind you) with you as you sand, it sucks up almost all of the dust and you don't scare the garage door repairman into thinking you're a sickly white vampire or ghost.  Such a slow smart cookie I am!

Don't forget to go to Amy's blog and check out the other fantastic Friday Finishes there.  I'm heading over here in just a second.

Leaving you with C-man's art Algebra project.  His cirriculum includes manipulatives and this week he was learning to build equations such as X squared + 4X + 10 in three dimensions.  He got a little sidetracked and made me this bridge:

  his interpretation of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Please notice the Hot Wheels car tooling along at high speeds.  LOL

Who says homeschooling isn't any fun?

Have a great weekend and sing a happy song today!


  1. Dee, it looks so fabulous! I'm no usually one for the romantic pastel colour scheme, but I adore this one. I love how the heart block fits so perfectly in there. Well done, my dear!

  2. Oh my gosh, I missed that anonymous comment, and I'm glad because that would have scared me, too!

    Gorgeous friday finish!!!

  3. naughty husband!!! glad he made it to his birthday! your vintage heart quilt turned out amazing. so amazing. for sashing...are you thinking of solid? the sheeting looks so great having a border of that would look really pretty

  4. That is funny because you know he adores you! I have to laugh because a couple of years ago Kevin and I were on vacation and we were having so much fun we forgot it was our anniversary until the next day. It happens! Love the friday finish. Take care and have a GREAT weekend!

  5. I really like the bridge C-man made. Maybe you should try to improve his artistic side not the math.

  6. Your family is really cracking me up! So did C-man sign on as you to make that comment above or was it your hubby dear?? Barring that do you have an alternate personality? ha ha

    Your quilt is gorgeous. Would you consider a solid white or a blue so pale it almost looks white? I am sure whatever you decide will be perfect!

  7. your vintage sheet quilt is gorgeous! I love it! As far as sashing...not sure you even need it! But if you want it bigger, maybe white would look nice. Good luck!

  8. I love your vintage quilt! I'm especially partial to scrappy quilts. As far as sashing, perhaps lavender?

  9. We used to use Math-U-See! My children loved using the blocks. We still own them, because I want to save them for when the grandchildren start coming. And yes! Homeschooling is very fun!

    Those pink fabrics are darling.

  10. What a goof!

    I thought they were Legos at first. Very symmetric bridge! Architect?

    That is a beautiful quilt! Anything you pick I'm sure will work!

  11. Love your vintage quilt! for sashing, I'm thinking indigo or orangy peachy something. Love that you're homeschooling. I'd love to do that, but I'm don't think I have enough patience...

  12. Happy Birthday to your crazy hubby!

    And your quilt looks wonderful! I would probably go darker, rather than light/white. I think it would really frame those great prints that way. I'm on a big Kona Coal kick right now. But there are also other, great saturated blues and greens if you want a color.

  13. Husbands eh? They can be pesky at times. Love your vintage quilts. What about just a white (similar shade to what is in fabrics)?

  14. Oh your heart is so perfect in that quilt! I love it. Our hearts really are at the center of all the beautiful things we create aren't they?

  15. Husbands are SO funny~or at least that's what they think! Can't live with 'em. . .can't shoot 'em! Your vintage quilt is beautiful too~I would choose a very pale solid so as to not take away from the floralness (is that a word) of it all. And the Lego bridge is too cool!

  16. okay - i need to go read that post! If my husband knew how to comment on blogs, he would probably do the same thing!

    Lovely scrap quilt. I've seen vintage sheets used similarly and they just border them in white. I bet you could find a Kona solid in one of those colors though... there's my 2 cents. :)

  17. Love that quilt! I'd go with a white tonal print for the border.

  18. 1. I don't want to live with him 24/7, You can keep him!!
    2. I see no gray in your hair! ;0)
    3. Tell that man to wear every pair of underware he owns the next time we see you, I will be wearing my boots!!!!
    4. Does the quilt have to have sashing?
    5. Can't wait to see the room, tell Hubby to watchout!!!!
    6. Love the bridge!!!
    Love to all!!


  19. love that quilt! so pretty and refreshing. not sure about the border though. maybe a blue check or polka dot?


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