Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cutaway Applique-The Itsy, Bitsy Spider

Like I don't have enough to do or going on in my world...
On Fridays our homeschool co-op meets and I have about four hours where I can work on something off and on.  I clean the "cafeteria" and play "enforcer" for a junior high class during this time.  During play practice for the high school students, I get to chat with grown-ups, but hate not having any hand work.  (well, okay, there is a crochet blanket for Middleman, but I'm not in the mood right now)

Here's where once again, I prove how insane I am.
Isn't this just the most gorgeous and fun quilt ever!
It's from Quilts with a Spin by Becky Goldsnith and Linda Jenkins.

Found this awesome book at Half Price Books for $5.98/listing price $24.95.
It calls for a technique called "cutaway applique" and has pretty good instructions on how to do this block.  This is one time Google is not my best friend.  I looked for other tips, hints, how to's or tutorials, and couldn't find any.  Bummer.  Guess I'm on my own unless any of you know where to find such a treasure.

Okay, so maybe this is too light?  lol
You make two templates from the pattern provided in the book.  A full template and one of the

shaded only area.  I got this!

And voila!  There is a nifty, eight legged spider looking thingey that crawled onto the Pat Bravo fabric!  LOL

The next step is to trace, carefully, around the template onto my chosen fabric.  Which will probably be a light fabric since I can't find my pencil for dark fabrics (wonder where that went?  hmmmmm!) and as I'm still in my jammies, I'm not going out just for a pencil.

We never really get a spring break here.  Haven't for the last three years.  Having kids in different schools (public, private, homeschool and now college) means three different spring break weeks.  Add a hubby who is at his busyiest and...well.  Last week was BSU's break, this week is public school and next week is private school kid's break.

We're just doing co-op and homeschool work this week and next week we'll take a break from homeschool stuff and just do public and co-op.  Make sense?  LOL  Yeah.  I know.

Hope the day treats you well and that Life is good to you!


  1. Nuts!!! But I love you anyway, or maybe because of it. It takes one to know one, right?!

  2. That quilt has been on my to-do list for years! I've been collecting fabric for it about as long.....maybe I should start it now....

  3. oooh - I don't think I would try that unless it was a whole-cloth cheater print :) I can't wait to see the pretty result!

  4. Insane?...maybe...but if so you aren't alone ;-) We quilters completely understand! The whirlygig does look really cool...it will be fun to see your progress. Enjoy all your spring breaks!

  5. Holy Cow! This will be gorgeous!!


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