Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quilts for Comfort Sashing

The ladies at the IMQG made Criss Cross blocks for me.  My month was January, and I've gotten enough back now to make up one of the quilts I'm donating to a cancer patient through our cancer center.

I went with oranges and a hint of aqua in this HST block.

I've been waiting for the rest of the blocks to come because originally, I wanted to have two quilts with 12 blocks each.  I consulted with my mom about what size quilt she thinks works best when she has her treatment.  You can see the quilt I made for her here.
We agreed a lapsize of only nine blocks would be a better fit.
No dragging the ground in the treatment center (yuck!) and not a lot of bulk to wrestle with your IV.

So, out came the boxes of blue scraps to make sashing.  I still have two sides to sash, then choose a border, but the sun was shining today and I wanted to get some pictures.

Waiting for the Beanster to finish a page in his book and come help me take pictures outside.

Moda Snippets, Henna Garden, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Sandi Henderson, too many to remember and name! 
All scraps from other projects or quilts waiting to be made.

You can see the side I need to add sashing to.  A lot of the blues came from KT and projects she's done through the years.  Thanks bud!

When all the blocks come in, I should have at least enough now for two good sized lap quilts with six blocks left over.  I will probably make up another three for three quilts to donate.  Not to mention other blocks donated by bloggy friends to become Quilts for Comfort for more cancer patients.

Hoping the sunshine smiles on you today too!


  1. Oh Dee, this is gorgeous! I love it

  2. This is gorgeous looking. All those oranges are scrumptious!

  3. You know I would make some blocks. I am not in a bee this year, so I would love to get to play!!

  4. Dee, it's just lovely. I love those oranges and aquas - they look so soft and cheery. What a wonderful thing you and your ladies are doing.

  5. I like the colors you chose. I'm working on orange with a hint of blue also.

  6. beautiful! Love the color combo, it really looks great!

  7. Dee, beautiful quilt!!! I'm in love with this color combo - the blues are so soft and pretty. Someone is really going to enjoy this quilt.

  8. Beautiful! love to see the finished product :) And I love what you did with the sashing--so pretty!

  9. That is a beautiful quilt! How lovely that you're donating it, you'll really brighten someone's day.

  10. Your colors of choice really make this shine! So pretty, Dee. :-}pokey

  11. Your orange fabrics are so cheery!!! I like how you've mixed in some aqua blues. This quilt will definitely bring love to the recipient. Your IMQG seems to have gotten off to a great start in such a short amount of time...I checked out the link...very impressive.


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