Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Little Buttercup

Moda released a new line of fabrics in February and I fell in love with them at our LQS Saturday while waiting for the IMQG March meeting.

I came home with these

beautiful prints!  There are very few lines I have to have more than one print or color from.  These were just too gorgeous, soft, cottagey and feminine to pass up.
I don't have plans for them yet.  I just like looking at them and waiting to be inspired.

This is what happens when you're up late waiting for your college freshman to call you for a ride home from a cultural event.  Hubby sweets and Bean had already gone to bed and Middleman had agreed to ride to campus with me to pick Javi up.  Well, due to a miscommunication, Javi rode the shuttle bus home and forgot to call and tell us he wouldn't need a ride.

I had been playing around the with whirleygig applique and couldn't quite convince myself to work on it that late at night.  I started playing with scraps from my scrap box and my Stack-N-Whack fan ruler.  I cut cute little 3" Dresdens and started laying them out in a circle.  Didn't like the look of that and intimidated at how big the circle would be and how many I would have to cut.  

Laying on my cutting mat was a hexagon from the Jack's Chain wip.

This is what happened when I laid the Dresdens out in a hexagonal pattern.

I pressed a 1/4" seam on the sides of the Dresdens and only appliqued the top ones onto the white.  I like the 3-D effect it gives the block.  Then I cut out a hexagon that would fit in the middle and appliqued it on.

I'm thinking of making four of these blocks and turning them into a table runner for Spring/Summer. 
These blocks are fun and fast to make and I definitely see more in my future!

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.  If you want to be inspired, encouraged and see some fresh, happy projects in the works...head on over!

Sending you happy thoughts and sunshiney weather!


  1. Ooo great block. I like it, I like it.

  2. oh how sweet is that buttercup! I can see why you are besotted! And I love your Dresden solution! It looks grand!

  3. I love the Dresden you made...and that new fabric is so pretty

  4. Yup!! It was all gorgeous when I saw it on Saturday. You wouldn't consider making one of those table runners for me would you?!?


  5. I'd like to put my order in for a dresden table runner after KT! How cool is this?! Love the bright, brilliant fabrics with the black hexagon center and the white background. Just sewing down the top portions really does give it a great 3-D quality. Very clever! I also like seeing your Jack's Chain blocks again ;-)

  6. Nice new fabric!

    At least you put your late nights to good use. Love your dresden block!

  7. Hello! That block is new to me and it looks wonderful!!! Oh you have also so much beautiful fabric waiting to sew...
    Sunny wishes! Teje

  8. Very creative!! I love the 3-D look of your block. Luscious fabrics, too!

  9. That is a fun..fun..block! Thanks for checking my blog out!

  10. Wow! Loving the Jack's Chain quilt, that's beautiful! Your dresden is so pretty too. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a very productive week! : )

  11. Hi Dee. Everything is looking all fresh and fabulous over here. Love your new blog color scheme. The hex blocks look really exciting.

    Happy, happy Spring...it must be around the corner...

  12. Lovely work, I especially like the Jack's Chain quilt!


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