Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Friday Sew and Tell Edition

Sew much potential and an awesome selvage!
Santa's elf has been busy!

On the homefront, Katelynne's birthday party is Saturday!  Hubby workaholic and I have decided we'll give her the pinwheel quilt and a Katelynne Bag for the party.  I putzed around and used copy paper, a straight edged ruler and dinner plate to come up with a design of the bag.  I'm pleased, but know I can improve on it.  Just not today!  LOL

The bag holds her quilt until she lovingly cuddles her dollies in it.  She can then use the bag to carry whatever her sweet, little heart desires.  More white flannel, Grammy stash and scraps from Javi's "Blueberry" quilt. 

For Christmas, we decided we'll give her the Sherbert quilt and a new dolly to love.

Soft, so soft, white flannel with orange, pink and yellow squares.  The binding is the softest yellow!  One of my favorite colors!

Sew, all total this week:
one pinwheel doll quilt bound, washed, dried and ready to go
one Katelynne bag designed, made and filled with the pinwheel quilt
one Sherbert doll quilt made beginning to end, washed and just perfect for snuggling baby dolls
two little Christmas bags for two special ladies!

Make sure you find the Sew & Tell button on the left side and click on it.  It will take you to a wonderfully inspiring site that hosts our weekly finishes!  I get such great ideas and encouragement from the other women sharing what they've been working on.
Can't wait to see what everyone got done this week!

Updating to add some very important news!
Kerri at Lovely Little Handmades is hosting with eleven other blogs a giveaway of momentous propotions!
On December 12, Kerri will select a winner and that winner will be entered to win an EZ View Desktop from the Original Scrapbox!  That drawing will take place the 14th at Rachel's Writing Spot.

This is a desk top designed with Scrapbook storage in mind, but can't you just picture all kinds of quilting tools and supplies in there!
I went to their website and want this!

Swiss bovine!  This would be awesome!  I'm in the chair already, lovin' every minute of it, crafting and quilting my little heart out!
They also have an EX View Craft Desk I would taken when if I win the top!
You can go to Kerri's blog for a chance to sign up to win!
Going back to the Original Scrapbox now.  Please don't mind the drool on the keyboard!


  1. Wow! You've accomplished a lot this week! Love all of it!

  2. Man!!! You've got enough done for several Sew and Tell Fridays!!!! Love them all!!! Happy Birthday to Katelynne!!!

    P.S. I like the design of your bag.

  3. great finish Dee...i have been so lost in giveaway day stuff and getting up the tree that i am sure i will have nothing. can't waitt osee what everyone else has churned out

  4. Great week, Dee !

    Loving the quilts !
    I wanna play dolls !

  5. Wow, you've been busy! So cute!

  6. Love those quilts, Dee - the colours are so yummy! Sherbet is a perfect name! Great finish!

  7. Yummy colours and yummy finishes! We should only work with such happy colours this time of the year.

  8. You projects are just so pretty!

  9. cute bag. The quilt is nice, I love the blendings of those three colors. Actually, I used pink, yellow and peach-orange in my wedding! lonng time ago.... :-} pokey

  10. The new quilt is gorgeous and looks very cuddly.

  11. What a productive week you had. LOVE the sherbet quilt! Her dolly is very lucky. Happy Holidays!

  12. Great job! You've worked very hard. Happy Holidays to you!

  13. Those are some really pretty gifts for Katelynne! I love the name "sherbet" for your quilt. The soft colors in it are lovely!

  14. Love the quilts - so pretty and fresh - you've been very busy.

  15. You are amazing Dee! wow! you are so inspiring and your quilts are just beautiful! You have a gift!
    I now have to add a Sherbet to my quilt to do's! that is a great name.
    I honestly don't know how you get so much done! you are a busy, busy woman! hugs!

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