Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday sort of rolls into the week...

Tuesday.  Already.  Rats!
It's only the second day of our second week of break and I feel vacation slowly slipping away!

Last night, I asked hubby snookums to do something in bed that in almost twenty years of marriage, I've been too hesitant to ask:
sleep on pink sheets.  LOL

Aren't they loverly!  These were part of my Christmas gift from the in-loves.  I picked them out!  Sew loving how they go with the shams and quilt and everything!
Thank you honey!

This is a closeup of the quilt I made for our bed.  Even though it is very girly, hubby dove loves it!

is part of another queen size quilt (I know, I know.) for our bed.  I bought a remnant of what I thought was plain white muslin one night last summer at Joann's.  I was very tired and not in my right mind (I know, I know.).  I started sewing on this the same night and the next morning realized I had bought shirting quality.
Doh!  Sew now I'm finally ripping out the yucky fabric and putting in the stuff I want.  This will be a summer, lightweight quilt.

Another strip in progress seen here on my nice, new, blue cutting mat!  A Christmas gift from a very thoughtful family!  Thanks guys!

KT surprised me with this sweet little bag when we met up before Christmas

...it's hanging up on the knob of the table next to my side of the bed so I can slip my glasses in there when I go to sleep.  Our vulture cat has this very bad habit of perching on the side of the table as close to my face as possible during the night and just...watching...me.  It's like she's just waiting for me to die.  Spooky really!  Sometimes she sits on my glasses, which is really gross as you can imagine (I know where that cat's bum has been!), so this solves my problem quite prettily!

Friends over most of the day yesterday and two of them got dropped off again today with the third, I'm sure, to follow as soon as he rolls out of bed.  Javi is up now.  We love sleeping in on vacation!

Happy Snoozeday to you!


  1. It all looks so lovely. Great fabrics and colors to bring in the new year.

  2. My Larry says "It takes a real man to wear pink". I guess it goes for sleeping on them, too, lol. I really like your pillow shams, Dee! I always loved the 'watercolor florals', and never quite mastered the technique myself.

  3. Love the sheets!

    Yes, we have this week off work also and up until now I've been counting the days we have left with glee. I think I'll stop now. Sigh, time marches on.

  4. Beautiful Dee! Your bed looks so cozy! Who wouldn't want to sleep in it!?

  5. Gorgeous quilt!!! Sorry for all the unpicking :(. Vacation IS going much too fast!

  6. You are hysterical. Your post made me laugh out loud which is not an easy task to accomplish as I have a highly refined sense of humor. :)

    Once in a while my cat does the same thing yours does and it is creepy to wake up to the cat staring or sometimes she licks a few strands of my hair. (You're cute kitty but really, just back off.)

    Your quilt is adorable! Love the hearts on the pillowcases. Thanks for admitting Real men sleep on pink sheets and eat your quiche! It needed to get out in the open...so kudos to hubby.

    Cute bag, too, Dee.


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