Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lost in New York

Tonight we started watching "Home Alone 2 Lost in New York". 
Hubby smarts and I decided a long time ago that our boys would never see the first Home Alone.  Mostly out of fear.
We're extremely afraid that the tricks Kevin McAllister played on the bandits would be played on us.
Trust me.  It's probably one of the smartest things we've ever done.

Well, I figured if all this action took place in New York, there would be less chance of new pranks being played on Mom and Dad here at home.  Or so...that's my hope.

Lots of fun stuff besides Christmas movies and scared Mommies.
Remember I won 10 1/2 yd bundles from Kim at True Up?
Well, it came in the mail Saturday.

Sew much sunny, cheerful goodness just waiting to be made into fun gifts for two of our older nieces.  I'm trolling through everyone's tutorials for just the right gifts to make.  I think for Brooke, a pencil roll up!  She loves to draw and her homemade cards are the best.

Abbi is a little bit harder.  Maybe a messenger bag?  Ahhhhh. To have such cute, girly fabric to play with.

Also in the mail was this beautiful mini quilt from my Flickr friend, Ansje.  What shabby chic, cottagey (is that a word?), cabbage rose colors.  I love the aqua and red together.  Very vintage and victorian!  And the embroidery in the middle is just too perfect!  The boys were trying to decide if it was Dumbledore or Gandalf...I bonked them both in the head (twice) for that one.  It's an exquisite embroidery of St. Nicholas walking through a hushed, snow shrouded forest.  There is a reindeer following him.  I do so love the colors she picked out.  Blue is one of my favorites!

She also sent this too hip tissue holder!  Oh my!  The fabric is just too much!  I feel very spoiled.  Also in the package was a really fun 2010 photo frame calendar that I can't wait to fill up with shots of the boys!

Thank you, thank you Ansje!  What a blessing to have you as a friend!

I love getting stuff in the mail.  Well.  Not bills maybe.  Well, not just maybe.  Definitely not.  I would much rather have this kind of package over bills every any day of the week!

I'm sending out these two little packages today.  One for Katherine (Scootin' Annie) from the STUD group and Ansje's.

The "Snow Cat", 1/2 yard of the cutest reindeer fabric, some Dark Chocolate Cocoa (they had a mint that was brown and green to match the quilt, but not sure if she likes mint cocoa!) and a snowflake ornament with bells!

Ansje's cocoa is Raspberry Dark and the wrapper matches the purple on the quilt!  1/2 yard of soft Christmas colors with snowmen, trees, all kinds of sweet things!  And another snowflake ornament for her tree.

Ladies, friends, I hope you like them and that this Christmas is a blessed one!

If you have never been part of a mini or doll quilt swap, you should seriously think about joining one!
You get to meet some really sweet and talented ladies and enrich your home by having these beautiful minis to remind you of your quilt buds!

Quick peek at what I picked up at Goodwill yesterday that is now in the wash! 

Two vintage pillowcases!  Now here is the dilemma: do I keep them as pillowcases for my bed?  They're crisp and clean and I don't think they were ever used.  Or...do I stash them with the other vintage fabric for my quilt and to share with KT?


Tuesday Toodles to you!


  1. I'd have to use those pillowcases atleast once.......oh how pretty they'll look on the bed. After all, usually when you find them, they've BEEN used, right?

    Congrats on the fab fabric win !

  2. what great stuff to come in the mail. i love it when fabric comes. very fun little quilt. nice find at goodwill. these are pretty

  3. Funny comment about the first Home Alone movie. Those tricks were pretty harsh! Such lovely things you received in the mail and good stuff to be mailed out. Hope you receive my package soon.

  4. I love that movie too! yay on your fabric packages! very fun to get those! I just ordered and received the newest Sandi Henderson line, bought the fat quarter set! yummy stuff for sure!
    oh and I LOVE your pillowcases!

  5. what a fab post! do you know we appear to have the same sense of humour!

    we watch the home alone movies to get into the christmas mood each year...well its usually 35c and not a snowflake in sight!

    i love the mini....a good friend indeed...am getting up the gumption to do stud....am researching the group pool first so i don't make a complete fool of myself though!

    lovely gifts you are sending and great thrift find....maybe you could do both...enjoy as pillow cases for a while then cut up one and use the other one?


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