Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Finish, Flowers and Mother's Day!

Good morning friends and family!
(see the pots on the front porch waiting patiently to be filled?)

What a week.  I totally forget what I did Monday.  Oh, yeah.  Setting up for the elections Tuesday.  And then spending the day away from family to work the polls.  Wednesday was trying to recover from Tuesday.  Thursday, Middleman had an all day field trip.  I missed him, and it felt weird to be all alone in the house all day-

but I did manage to get a large start on painting the family room!  Hooray!
The ceiling is done except for above the existing wall shelves.  Books, pictures, movies etc will have to be packed away, the shelves taken down and moved to this wall.  Then I can strip more wall paper (oh boy!), fill in holes and sand.  I'm very happy with the cheeriness of the color.  The bottom will be white and I'm still deciding what to do about the trim.  If I could pull it off, strip it and stain it a nice, light color--

Yesterday, I washed and dried Marcia's quilt for her mom.  She will be picking it up sometime today.  She was very pleased with it and I'm hoping that it helps her and her mom through the years to feel closer to their loved one.

This was my first rag quilt and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  Using jeans, and a flannel batting and the shirts on top-man, this quilt is H.E.A.V.Y!  I was going to wash this at the laundrymat.  Initially, we were hoping to get a twin size quilt, but this ended up as a 63"x63" larger lap quilt.  It fit quite nicely into my extra large, washing machine of three busy boys.  I also dried it in my home dryer, just checking the inside and lint trap to remove the loosened strings.

Her dad loved John Deere tractors and the green block is from one of his favorite shirts.  This was also my first experience with quilt labels you can print on cotton paper/fabric with an ink jet.  I like doing it that way.  Just need to find colored paper now too!

Don't forget to visit Amy (and her new bambina) for some beautiful Friday Finishes!

Now that Mother's Day is almost here, I can get some annuals to plant in the front beds and the back rasied beds.  I have baskets I like to fill with dirt and than plant and have in the beds to sort of break up the foliage.  The bandits-thieves-pests-freeloaders squirrels have dug up some of the seeds and seedlings I've planted in the back.  I caged some sunflower seeds and they've sprouted and will be ready to separate and transplant soon.

A very, very Happy Mother's Day to all or our moms, sisters, sisters in love, friends, aunts, nieces and hoping we all get the day off! 



  1. Your house and yard look BEAUTIFUL! My could sure use some sprucing up!

  2. What a cheery nest you have !

    Happy Mothers' Day weekend to you....blessings throughout !

  3. When can I visit? (Please oh please??!!!)))



  4. A happy mom's day to you too! Love your clematis, that's one of my favorties....

  5. You have a beautiful yard and I love the idea about the baskets of flowers.

  6. What a great quilt! And your home seems so warm and welcoming.

  7. Paint color is lovely, quilt looks warm and cuddly, and your flowers look beautiful!! Thanks for sending some springtime to everyone!

  8. Everything is so greeeeeeeen where you are Dee! Pretty! Very cool memory quilt, and so sweet of you to make it!
    Happy mother's day to you!

  9. What a wonderful memory quilt! I am sure it will be treasured. Your garden is going to look great! Thanks for the gorgeous green.

  10. Wow! You had a lot of great things to share--a beautifully painted wall, an awesome quilt (love the John Deere square), and a gorgeous yard. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  11. love that rag quilt - what a nice thing to have. I just lost my grandpa who wore shirts similar to those in your quilt. I wish I had those so that I could make one for my Nonna.

  12. What a fun quilt! I haven't tried the labels, but it sounds like an interesting idea.


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