Thursday, May 27, 2010


has been declared!
There are no terms for surrender!

Yesterday, a whole batallion of enemy squirrels infiltrated the gardens out back.  Innocent plants were harmed during their field operations.  More manpower was necessary to replant the wounded sprouts.

I was not happy.  So, I am borrowing one of the boys' air soft pellet guns to repel invaders.  This is terribly wicked, but I actually enjoyed hitting a couple of them and watching them hop-hop-scramble-run-scamper-climb as fast as they can out of the way!-and away from the garden.

This morning, I'm on recon duty

while I eat my breakfast and check email.  Hang on--there's rustling in the grass-oh-it's just Lady.  Doing nothing.  Of course.  Good thing I didn't shoot her.  lol

Hope you have a squirrel free day!


  1. No squirrels have been harmed in the making of this post. Have a wonderful day, funny lady. Toss those squirrels a handful of nuts in the shell and show 'em who's boss.

  2. Just let me know if you need backup!!! We like squirrels around here. We could kidnap them!!! Hold them hostage for awhile, like forever!!!



  3. I have the same problem. Last week I planted all my voluteer Coral bells and some Petunias and Lantana in pots on the patio. As of yesterday every pot has been dug up! HELP!

  4. Maybe the word will spread in the squirrel community not to come into your yard because there's a human with a pellet gun...

  5. Ha ha ha!! I used to have crow duty when I was a kid. Good luck with the squirrels!!

  6. we have considered buying one of those just for the naughty are so funny.

  7. I wage war on the bunnies and chipmunks! I must say that your war station is most lovely - I'll join you for coffee and a blog browse.

  8. Can I come help?? That just sounds too funny!

  9. A squirrel-free day !
    But what would Piper do for recreation?
    You should see her pour on the speed as she closes the space between her and that blasted treetrunk providing the squirrel with escape !


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