Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Darn the WIP's! Full steam ahead!

Have I ever shared with you I have QADD?  "What's QADD" you ask yourself.
Why, it's Quilter's ADD.
And I think I need help.
But don't do an intervention until this quilt

is finished because I am in love!  After a sever bout of hate!

I saw this cute little gizmo with KT and I went to a local quilt show.  I didn't purchase it then because I had already spent my paltry fistfull of dollars on fabric.  Last weekend, hubby snookums took me shopping in the town where the shop that sold this little sweetheart lives.

If you already know what this is, you can skip this part.  LOL  This is a template for twisted pinwheels and it's the BOMB!  You use 5" sq pieces of fabric (imagine charm packs here!).  You can sew as many as you like together, as long as they have at least a 2 3/4" border around them all.  You then lay the template on the seams and cut.  On the smaller, corner pieces, I used two pieces of fabric from a Jennifer Paganelli charm pack KT won and two from a Birdie pack she bought me for Christmas.
Isn't she wonderful!

Here is the second center piece of the block being laid out. 

Obviously branching out now from the original charm squares I was playing around with.

This block measures almost 36" sq.  If you're gonna go, go big!

Here is the confession of hate part of the post.
When I made the first two, smaller pinwheel squares, I thought "Huh.  Cool.  Now what?"
So, ever the curious one (someday I just know that trait is going to get me into big trouble!), I decided to put 9 squares total in a border, cut them up and put them back together.
Thought this too was cool, but totally clueless as to what I would do with it or the three other squares I had by now finished.

Tossing and turning all night long.
Hating myself for wasting $8 on a thingamajiggy.
Trying to finagle a way to salvage these squares into something halfway decent that I liked and wouldn't mind having in a quilt.

Here is the middle section of the block.  I really like the way the colors blend, but in disgust, threw it on my sewing table where it landed next to Amy Butler "Love" fabric.
I'm tellin' ya, it was like the hamster ate a brownie and had a Coke for breakfast.  Edison reincarnated in my brain and the lightbulb was burnin' so bright the neighbors called 911 to report a flash of lightening in my house setting the place on fire!

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.  And maybe, just maybe not everyone here is as impressed and in love with it as I am.  But "poop" to them!  I like it!  And I'm gonna make more.  I figure it will not take very many of these ginormous blocks to get a quilt top.

What's that?
What about my other wip's, ufo's and piles of stuff to finish?
Who we talkin' 'bout?


  1. this is so fun...looks hard though! i love the way the colors in the center block just flow together, changing but it is hard to tell where they begin and end. i cannot stand it when a quilt idea keeps me up at night. sometimes lie awake chanting the idea to myself so i won't forget.

  2. sooo pretty. Good thing you went back and bought that gizmo!

  3. Wowsers!!! I love it Dee. Go with it!

  4. *whining* I don't get it! I need to see more photos - a tutorial, yeah, that's it, a tutorial. I also need to know the proper name for that gizmo so that I can make a cool quilt like yours! It's awesome!

  5. Fabulous! Those blocks are amazing with that Love. I've never made anything like those interlocking wheels - complicated? The colors you chose are wonderful, I'm sure that is a huge part of how great it is.

  6. Never look back, remember what happened to Lot's wife !

    Onward and upward !

    Gotta love new thingamajigs !

  7. The block is spectacular. It's cotton candy at the carnival. It's lemon drops on a spring day.
    It is sweet. Clever woman---keep those wheels spinning.

  8. I LOVE it! I need to see a tutorial.... I think I get it but I'm just not sure! The quilt beginning is wonderful!

  9. ok Dee, you gotta slow down there. I totally don't get the thingamajiggy thing. I need pictures, lol! Anyway, I love the quilt, it's gonna be awesome!

  10. I got lost somewhere in the process, but I love how that came out. It is screaming 'Tessellation Nation' for a quilt name {just my 2c}. That is a big wow. I'm going to have to get one of those thingamajiggys and figure out how it works.

    xo -E


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