Friday, July 9, 2010

Okay! Where did I put my Friday Finish post title?

Has it been a week for you too!  I mean a week when you wake up with your car keys still in your pocket because you went to bed so fast after your day was done?
So fast and furious that this morning, you set your breakfast on someone else's dirty plate on the counter top, and didn't care?
So fantastically speedy that you just forgot it's Friday while writing your Friday Finish post?

Welcome to my world!
I have not done any grocery shopping for this week beyond milk and cereal.
Laundry is lying in the hallway getting tripped over.
The dog has forgotten who I am.
Javi gets his wisdom teeth out today and tomorrow (I think!) is a double birthday party ala Fiesta for hubby muffin's father and sister.

Hubby's week has been just as frantic and fraught with busyness as he is almost never in the office now.
Our weekends are booked solid for July.
We haven't been to the Lakes yet this year.
And in a couple of weeks, we need to defy the Law of Physics and be in two places at the same time.

(insert some David Gilmore here and think peaceful thoughts)
Somewhere in this mad dash of a life, I finished

Marcia's second memory quilt (which most of you have seen, sorry!  lol)  I would love to make one of these for our family someday (note the "not soon" indicated by using a wishful word like "someday").  Hubby sweets and beansprouts have lots of jeans they have relegated to a scrap closet.  Somday.  Wouldn't this be beautiful with the new Dream On?

With a happy, bright flannel as the middle?  I can get into this now, let me tell you!

I also finished Joan's block for June.  I know, I know.  Don't look at the date in the bottom right-hand corner.  I said don't look!  lol  Joan gave us this tutorial to use to make the blocks.  She sent us some of the most delicious 1 1/2" square bits to use!  Plus, we got to use from our scrap stash as well.  And you all know I love scraps.  There might even be a piece of vintage or two in there.  I have another one I need to do, but it is Friday and I did want to post at least something this week!

I was having a fabulous photo shoot in the gardens when a crowd of pteradactyl sized mosquitoes made me do this:

as I was running for cover!  I think these buggers have found a way to mate with vampire bats, they're that huge and frightening!

So we moved to a new location and I got to take a picture of Lydia's block.

She sent us Amy Butler's Love fabric.  I have some of these, but found I'm in love with the green paisley print most of all!  We could use solids from our own stash, but she wanted only straight lines.  Let me tell you, after three days of basketball camp with 15 boys--I couldnt' even see straight, let alone design, cut or sew anything that wasn't going in circles!
But, I persisted and after looking through flickr, came up with a block inspired by-of all things-my calendar.  LOL  I was going to chop up the long, horizontal strips and make them look like the squares for the days where you can write ALL the things you have to do, but like the simplicty of this better.  I think it showcases the fabric better.

There are two incredibly inspirational places you need to go to today to view more lovely blocks and projects:

Friday Finish at Amy's blog and theISQB  blog to see more of the blocks for Joan and what we've been up to this year in our quilting bee!

Off to go look up chipmunk jokes and fill prescriptions for Javi!
Middleman works today and Bean, well, he's just peachy!  Lovin' Life and livin' it to the fullest!

Blessings to all!


  1. I love how the first block doesn't cut up the fabrics too much and lets the pattern shine and the second look great with that gray! I am glad you got that memory quilt done and are dreaming of another quilt. Hope you have a great vacation oil and all. ;)

  2. Now that is very pretty! I might just have to take Joan's block idea and use it for my month. I see a hint of vintage in there.

  3. A busy summer with boys and family - isn't it the best (if not dizzy-ing?!)

    Love your bee blocks - the calendar block should be the official block of mothers-of-boys!

  4. Oh, I love my block. I had to click on the photo for a close-up of those yummy fabrics.

    Isn't Dream On pretty! It definitely looks like the line for you, Dee :). I couldn't wait and order a charm pack last week on Etsy.

  5. Petal to the metal, girl.............goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  6. Uh, that's supposed to say "GO" ! (Not, "goo")!

  7. Your blocks are gorgeous and the quilt is fantastic.

    I had one of those weeks too. Topped it off with a 10 hour work day and then out with friends til midnight. Man, I'm way too old for this.

  8. Oh, I love the Calendar-Inspired block. It looks so great! Thank you so much!

  9. Eeek! I love the new Urban Chicks Dream On. This is my first time seeing it. Love the blocks. The mosquitos here are out in serious numbers, they are small and vicious. They even stay out when it is hot and windy, there is no escaping them.


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