Monday, July 19, 2010

Eye Candy!

My garden trolls have been at it again.
This is the quilt hubby and I have on our bed.  It was the first queen size quilt I had ever made and quilted.  The pattern is one I created as I went along.  Using fabrics from Joann's to quilt stores from Indiana to Michigan.

A couple of weekends ago, KT and I had a morning together to spend shopping.  We decided not dine in, but do drive thru at MickeyD's to give us more time oggling and petting fabrics.

These came home with me:

as the start of a stash for a new quilt.  Erin McMorris's Weekends.  Michael Miller Dumb Dot.  Heather Bailey Freshcut.  Amy Butler Midwest Modern.

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane.  Paula Prass Summer Soiree.  Amy Butler Midwest Modern (KT and I split a yard from her online source!).  Anonymous lime green and pink.  Martha Negley Mum Toss.

And some friends that followed them home!
Heather Bailey Fresh Cut.  Amy Butler Love.  Kate Spain Verna.  Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope (thanks to Penny for sharing the love).  And this scrumptious orange daisy print
whose origin escapes me!.  LOL

I finished the back, quilting and binding on the as yet unnamed quilt.  Thank you for all of your suggestions, but the quilt hasn't screamed out "Hey!  I want to be called ........." yet.  I feel like I've brought home a newborn without a name on the birth certificate!  Very unsettling.

Huge thanks to those of you who knew what to call these little square blocks.  Hee hee.  I love learning something new every day!  Setting squares are "Solid, pieced, or appliquéd squares placed between the focal-point quilt blocks to set off a design" from

I auditioned several fabrics for the binding, but chose this fabric

in the end.  It's from Joann's and was some hubby love bought for me as a birthday gift!

The back

was pieced using more Wonky Log Cabin blocks without the white sashing in between, more lucious Fresh Cut and a vintage, polka dot sheet.  I quilted it using straight lines to the side of the seams.  Really enjoyed the ease and speed of this type of quilting compared to stippling!

Here's a sad attempt to show the quilting.  Now that I'm almost done, the sun has decided to come out and play.  Sorry, I'm too lazy to take another shot and download it to the computer!  LOL

This week, I will be having a guest poster share his talent with you!
Hope today is a good one and that there's some sewing time for us all in it!


  1. Hooray for a great finish !
    You are complaint about the top or back shifting with the straight-line quilting ! That binding fabric looks perfect against the border's stripe.

    I looked at the wikipedia site, and saw that
    'cornerstone' has a more in-line definition for me, but my bunch has always called them 'setting squares'. Their definition sounds like what I call "alternate blocks".
    We all see it differently, but we all work toward the same goal !

    Love you !

  2. Dee, I can't believe that quilt in the top two photos was your first quilt! It's wonderful! I have been feeling the urge for an Irish Chain quilt recently and yours is an inspiration! And your newest one is as pretty as a picture! Well done on the shopping trip, too - gorgeous fabrics!

  3. oh man that is some good eye tease!!! i can not wait to see what comes from all of that. that is beautiful backing and binding.

  4. Uhgugh...I still haven't finished Rainy Days & Mondays. 4-H is going well though!! Love your quilts as always!



  5. Love the quilt! And I hate having to go back out for photos when I'm already in and loading them - I'm with you there.

    That fun orange daisy is a Snippets (moda) print. I love that line!

  6. Your first quilt is gorgeous! All your quilts are and it's fun to see you started big!

    I always look forward to seeing what you've done.

  7. Beautiful work and very satisfying, isn't it?
    Thanks for your comment on my notebook. I can't wait to make some more!

  8. I love that you use JoAnn's fabris. Me too! And I'd like a little bit of all of those fun new fabrics you brought home, please. Your pretty pastel quilt turned out really beautifully. Loved the Eye Candy today. It was sweet.

    xo -E


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