Thursday, August 26, 2010

Selfish post alert!

I'm so totally breaking radio silence here.
But with good cause.
You can stop reading right here and return to your normally programmed schedule.

The Vintage Sheet Blog is having a small giveaway.  It's so small that even if you did ignore my pleas of indifference, you really don't want to go here.

Let's just say I'm hoping my "Dreams" come true.

You really don't need to go there.  At all.  It could be dangerous. probably smells bad too.  So.  Just stay away.


  1. Hahahahah! Dream On!!!!

    Love you Sis!

  2. Because I like you so much, I won't go there and I will just keep my fingers crossed that you get fabric that would be so perfect for you!

  3. i saw this and am dying!!! i love the quilt she made with it.


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