Friday, August 27, 2010


My bestest buds off to school.
We're oh so fashionistas here!
Middleman actually started the week before Javi and Bean.  We were waiting to hear on a promotion to Algebra II for him, and I just got the call.  His test scores were good enough to prove he was ready for Algebra II and he gets moved today!  This is such a validation of all his hard work!  We start co-op the second week of September.  Soccer season hit full force after we got back from vacation and my heart just melts at the incredibleness of these kids!  I love them, one and all, they're so super!

Then Javi began his college freshman career on Monday.  Overwhelmed.  Overworked.  Overtired.  Overeverything.  He found an on campus job and is still trying to make the adjustment from high school to BSU.  Thankfully, we live next to a shuttlebus pick up so he can catch that to and from school to and from our house.   

Then, there's Bean.  Who is missing his best friend this year, but not the bully from last year.  This awesome, friends from birth bud is now being homeschooled.  The bully earned a swift kick to the privates last year from Bean when he wouldn't quit hitting, kicking, head locking him.  We sure don't miss that!  All in all, I think it will be a good year for him.  He's already cutting up with the science teacher!

(just can't seem to get enough sleep! actually still catching up from vacation hours!) 
Before school started though, there was time for one more road trip to see these

massive windmills on farms in the eastern part of the state.  Very surreal!  But way worth the trip.

Also over the last couple of weeks, I was blessed to be asked to rebind this beautiful quilt given as a wedding gift a long time ago to a very special couple.  The bride was going to just throw it out (it had some stains, was faded and some minor boo boos), but it was rescued by her daughter and brought to me.  I machine stitched the front of the binding and hand sewed the back down.  I also soaked/washed it in OxyClean and the quilt came out much brighter and I managed to get a lot of the stains out for her.

I'm also working on another commissioned quilt for a little girl that lost her mom to cancer last year.  Trying to honor her memory and create something Shelby can hold on to tight and remember her mom with. 

Claudia from the ISQB sent me this beautiful star block for my month of August.  I'm eagerly awaiting all of these to come in!  I need to do my block for the IMQG bee we're doing too.  A little here, a little there.

As I type this, I'm listening to Middleman practice on his new baby.

A G&L Stratocaster similar to the one David Gilmore of Pink Floyd fame plays.  Here he is taking a break to open a gift at Mimi's house.  She has an awesome tradition of gifting to the grandchildren for her birthday.  What an awesome Mimi!


Sunshine in a vase!  All from our gardens out back.  Yesterday, Mr (or Mrs.) Hummingbird came right up to the kitchen window while I was doing dishes.  Just peeking in.

Some fabric I picked up while in Alabama.  Thank you sweetie pie!

And after completing the Aloha blocks for that quilt (I still need to find sashing to compliment all of these lucious, tropical colors!), I had enough small pieces to cut into 2" sq pieces to pair with some white to do a single Irish Chain pattern.  This will continue to grow and be the back of the Aloha quilt.

Let's see, did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah, more Gulf Shores photos!

Javi and me at the arcade.

Bean and Javi after the "Hurl-A-Minute" ride.

The baby sand shark someone accidentally caught.

And hiking out to a remote beach we shared with only four other people-and two of them left.

Hope the weekend treats you kindly!


  1. AAAAaaaahhhhhhhh, Gulf Shores.......I can still smell the sunscreen. Back for the Aloha quilt is awesome! You will have a reversible quilt!

    Missing you!

  2. What great family shots. The beginning of a new year is always exciting and scary. Your boys sound like they are more than ready for the challenge! AND... I'm so glad you were able to rescue that quilt. What a rewarding project that was, huh?

  3. I love how you hold on to your girliness in that houseful of MEN.......through your QUILTS ! So pretty !
    Great job on refreshing that old quilt, too. I still have mine to rewash......I think I'll name the quilt, "The Great Procrastination".

  4. wow...that is so great that you were able to save that quilt!!! i love the shot of the little one sleeping in the car. i guess you have to be a kid for that to be comfortable! awesome pictures of you and the hubs! and always you are really working on some amazing projects. i am looking forward to seeing more of the quilt you are making for the young lady that lost her mom.

  5. Looks like you've had a wonderful summer! I also love seeing the windmills; we saw lots on our trip west a few weeks ago.

  6. Here's to the end of a great summer and hopefully a wonderful new year!

    You quilt and blocks are gorgeous as usual!

  7. What a full schedule! I'm glad the boys are doing well~college is quite the transition, but hang in there! Vacation looks too fun! I have an Alabama Shores shirt John brought me from one of his cross country trips~love it! Love your quilty stuff! Poor Bean! He's like the twins, growing and hungry and tired! Hugs!


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