Thursday, October 28, 2010

The "Oh so not Friday Finish" Post

Thank you all for the lovely prayers and thoughts today!
My mom reads the blog faithfully, and will see them all next time she feels like being online.
She made it through today's treatment with good spirits and an appointment for her shot tomorrow.
We're thinking this is her fourth time through and God has been so good to keep her strength and health up!

This week I started and finished up a table quilt for a good friend, Gerri.
She's my basketball/soccer practice, game and tailgating buddy.
She loves the colors of the Fresh Cotton and Breakfast at Tiffany's (secretly showed them to her making her think they were for a quilt for me).
I'm still diggin' the machine piecing technique for hexagons.

This is being gifted tomorrow at co-op.  Hopefully in time for all of her fall hostessing duties.  She opens her home to anyone and everyone and has such a spirit of hospitality.

I used some ribbon that Rene had wrapped some of her gorgeous photography postcards in a while ago.  I thought it looked perfectly lovely on the back of the quilt.

A shot of the quilting on the back.  I did this one the old fashioned way, bringing my underside thread up through the top and then securing it and the top thread when I'm done quilting.  I like this much better, even though it was very time consuming on this one.

Amy is not hosting Friday Finish Sew & Tell this week in order to gear up for the Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I'm not submitting this time, but you can be sure I'll be scouring the pictures for inspiration and enjoyment.

God gives good friends through blogland, and I'm so glad you're here!


  1. Dee, I love your generous spirit. Your friend will be thrilled to receive this beautiful gift. I'm going to check out that hexie tutorial. I have tried and given up so many times to make hexies, but I just love them. Your ribbon looks great on the back. Continued well wishes and prayers for your mom. Take care.

  2. Fabulous quilt!! Rene's ribbon looks meant to be on the back!

  3. I prayed for you all day yesterday...every time Raynaud arm ached...yup, all day!!! At least there is blessing in it, God has given me a built in reminder system!!!

  4. so cute! i am sure your friend is going to love it.

    i am glad to hear things went well yesterday. she will remain on my list for prayer. :)

  5. i love how you quilted this. it looks beautiful

  6. just adore table quilts, and this one is lovely!

    glad to hear about your mom!

  7. Oh, your gift is as sweet as you are. I really like how fresh & pretty those fabrics are. Your quilting really sets it off.

    P.S. Still including your Mom in my thoughts and prayers.

    HAPPY Halloween.

  8. Hi Dee--- I forgot to write that I like your header picture---the mystical blue in the centres intrigue me.

    Also, LOVE your picture on the left side about the big girl panties. made me chuckle.

  9. What a lovely gift!! I need to get back to my hexagons...

    Using the ribbon on the back was a great idea!

  10. This is simply beautiful Dee! you are so generous and such a sweet spirit!
    Your work is gorgeous!!! you have the best eye for color and shapes and everything that is related to quilting, you totally inspire me!

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