Monday, November 8, 2010

We call it chemo brain!

We like to have fun at our house.
My sense of humor is, in great measure, a gift from my mom.

Things are a little weird around here right now.
Coherent thinking a little lacking.
Motivation almost nonexistent.

We call it chemo brain.
When the brain and rational thinking decide to take a bit of a vacation to warmer climes.
And it's catching.
Not only does the person with cancer have it, but those around them are infected too.

Knowing you need to be somewhere, and miraculously, find yourself there and not remembering driving there.
Staring into space for goodness knows how long at a can of refried beans in the International Foods aisle, only snapping out of it when someone says, "Excuse me."
Telling the boys to wash their teeth and brush their faces.

The list goes on.
And it just gets more embarassing!

So, it is perfectly understandable that when you are asked to make a block 12.5" x 14.5" (not a square) by your IMQG buddy-and you make a 12.5" x 12.5" square block instead.

What to do?  What to do?  Since she specifically asked us not to use another white fabric, I improvised and added two 1.25" x 12.25" strips to the outside.  I'm hoping she will not be too offended and be merciful on me, a sinner.

I'm mailing it off with a little note of explanation tomorrow.

A White Christmas.
My sister in law's mother is dying of cancer.  She was sent home with hospice within the last two weeks and wanted to have Christmas with her family before she goes Home.  So, they had their Christmas celebration yesterday.  On Friday, the Lord sent our town a thick, heavy, wet snow.  It coated the streets, yards and rooftops.  Our neighborhood was the only one in town that still had snow yesterday.
Joyce got her White Christmas.

I am always humbled by how much He cares for us.

On a sadder note (as if our lives couldn't stand it right now), a former teacher, co-worker and friend of hubby muffin's and mine was diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes.  She has surgery Wednesday.

Please keep these incredible women in your prayers!


  1. what a neat block. I love that look! I'm sure yours will be fine!

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Thoughts and prayers are with you all. Very scary. I think I need to start taking my life a little more serious and treat my body a little better and stop taking it for granted! I've got a lot of weight to lose and I only have one life in this body, need to remind myself that!

  2. oh gosh, i just think God is so sweet to provide for the smallest things. a white christmas was a perfect way for him to wrap his arms around that family at this time. praying for you and for them.

    wiping away a few years too.

  3. What a great White Christmas story! Those are the good memories that will linger forever.

  4. i almost cried when i read that they had snow for their christmas. that is amazing. what a gift!

  5. Isn't our LORD somethin'? He is just the most generous provider, and has the sweetest heart !

    Blessings on you and all those you love, Dee.

  6. Sorry I missed your call today. It was time for flu shots. I am here for you, remember my cell. Hug your Mom for me!!



  7. Our God is great Dee! our local KLOVE Christian Radio Station has "WOW God Wednesday" your story would be fitting to share that!!!
    Still praying for your mom, she looks like a sweetie and I will pray for your friend.
    My sis (the one that I shared the story with you about) is in ICU with ventilators, so pray for her please!
    I am so behind on everything with all that going on and I know I owe you an email :) HUGS!

  8. OH and I LOVE your block! I bet your partner will to :)

  9. Mom looks wonderful. I'm sorry about your friend but so happy that she is finding some joy and peace with her early Christmas. my thoughts and prayers...

    Your block is great--no worries.

  10. The Christmas story and the snow gave me chills....truly God at work.

  11. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, Dee. I think you're block looks great!

  12. Your block is great.

    So sorry there is so much on your mind right now. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration for how to handle things with a thankful heart.


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