Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Week's Finishes!

One reason I hate snow is that it's usually there because it's cold.  Too cold to go outside and take decent pictures of anything!

Madeline's block is finished.  I think I like it on point as much as not.  When I made the "Dove" in the middle, I just kept thinking bikini top or owl eyes.  'Cause what you don't see are the curved sides on this flower.  LOL  I'm glad it got sewn into something a little less crazy!

Both blocks together.  Funny, the solid one looks larger in dimensions than the scrappy one.  My points aren't quite like I would like them on this bottom edge for Madeline, but no amount of finageling would fix it!

Over the last few months, I've been stashing away orange fabrics with the intent of making a quilt for a cancer patient at the center where my mom takes her chemo.  I'm saving up blue as well (you can kinda see it on the left).  I'm thinking a HST one about the size of a large lap quilt, less than a twin.  Cancer patients receive Benadryl (or a form of it) when they take their chemo and this, along with the other drugs, can make them experience cold and chills.

I'd like to give a little warmth back into the world.

Happy, sunshiney, warm colors!

I'll be working on the November block for Karen for the IMQG bee.  She asked us to make house or building blocks (which I cannot copy and save the examples she sent, ratz!) in such vibrant, colorful fabrics!  Need to do a little planning on this one.

Carppy, crappy picture.  Here is what I've gotten done so far on my Lone Star quilt.  I started it at my mom's right after her latest chemo.  Dad was in the hospital and we didn't want her to be home alone during her "sleepy" weekend.

This is a QuiltSmart, fusible interfacing pieced project.  I've been wanting to do a Lone Star for a long time after seeing one at my LQS.  KT and I wrangled our broods and hubbies together in their "many" van on a Saturday and went together for some therapy.  I was going to buy the strip method pattern, until I saw this

pattern could be done on the fusible interfacing.  It's exactly like English Paper Piecing!  The seams fit together wonderfully!  The hardest part is figuring out what fabrics and colors you want to use.

Very much worth the money to buy the interfacing and do it this way, especially since this is a first time trying this pattern.  I have a better feel for how things go together and where to place fabrics.  I will definitely be doing this one again.  I just wish the pictures were better, but it's bleak, gray, white and cold outside.  Which, as you know, means dark inside!  Blech!

And it is that time of my life where my 5th grade student will be showcasing his burgeoning talent.

Ah yes!
Bean originally began with the French Horn.  But, it was difficult to play and gave him headaches.  Go figure!
So, he moved on to a trumpet like instrument called the cornet.
Much smaller, not as loud.

Hope you all have a great day, despite whatever weather you're having.  If it's sunny and warm where you are, book me a flight and I'll come visit!  If not, I feel your pain!

An update on my mom and dad.  Dad came home Monday from the hospital and is settling in nicely at home with things getting back to "normal" (if there ever is such a thing!).  Mom had her doctor's visit yesterday and will need two more chemo treatments and then will be on a maintenance chemo treatment once a month.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.  That was a very long three weeks!

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  1. Love the blocks and I especially love the orange fabric(I have and orange thing going on as well).
    I know what you mean about this time of year, my daughter has her next to last high school chorus concert next week.
    Hope your Mom and Dad are doing well.

  2. "Honey you, are my shining star..." Oh, lovely stars Sis!!! Loving that Lone Star and really need to come pet it! Maybe we need a field trip soon!!!



  3. Dee! I have been so curious about that QuiltSmart stuff. I really want to try their orange peel, but I am worried about how stiff the interfacing will make the quilt. What do you know about it? Have you ever seen a quilt made with that product after it's washed?

  4. Dee, your star block looks perfect to me!!! Love your stack of orange fabrics. Your other projects look very intimidating to me ;-) Good luck with the band concert. I hear ya on the changing daughter has played the trombone (four weeks), the flute (one semester) and now has moved onto the violin (she loves it) along with the harp (I love it...her - not so much...ha). Her concert is Tuesday. Book a flight to Orlando...gorgeous cool (for us) but sunny weather!

  5. More gorgeous blocks!! I need to get back to my sewing machine.... Love the Lone Star. Yours is going to be gorgeous. Had to go look at the method and it is very cool.

    Sorry your feeling the winter cold. We even had a cold night last night here in FL... Still better than the 6 inches back in Germany..

  6. I've always wanted to do a lone star, too, and yours is going to be just gorgeous! And I love that stack of orange fabrics! That would keep anyone warm and as cheery as possible under the circumstances :)

  7. i am loving that stack of orange and i think it will make a perfect warm up quilt for someone who is dealing with cancer!

    bikini top! you crack me up!

  8. Oh Dee! you always do such beautiful work with your sewing and quilting! You are also such a blessing to do an orange quilt for someone special, I may have to start one with you, I have been hoarding orange colors lately too and have a few of the same as you :)
    Have fun at the band performance!

  9. Lots going on~wish Bean my best! I loved band in school. And all your fabric, quilty pics are marvelous, darling!

  10. Beautiful pile of orange! The Lone Star looks awesome. I used to love band in HS. I switched before I found my instrument too.

    I am glad something close to "normal" is happening there.

  11. Your lone star is going to be amazing! I'm a big BIG fan of Quiltsmart patterns. I've made five of the 38" lone stars and it's very addicting. Good luck. :)

  12. Lots of pretty stars from you. :)

  13. Your finishes are fabulous! Makes me really want to learn how to quilt. :o)

    Hope your parents recover well. I'm sending up a prayer for them right now. Visiting from Sew&Tell. Thanks for sharing. :o)

  14. Thanks for the update on your folks. It's a good thing!

    The blocks look amazing. You glitter. You shine. You don't even need Christmas lights this year! I like your Lone Star. I've never made one but the pattern is a pretty one.

    Best wishes to Bean.


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