Monday, February 7, 2011

Mabye I'm just too stupid

to get why all the weird things that happen around my house...happen?

I offer up for you a typical Monday morning.
A butter knife in the corner cupboard with the macaroni and cheese and instant potatoes.
A sock, rolled and ready to walk on its own lying on a furnace vent in the dining room. 
Dishes on the floor in the kitchen. (ok, I know why they're there! meow.  woof.)
One lone glove, turned inside out, in the middle of the den.
A headless army man worshipping baby Jesus in the nativity set that's still up from Christmas.
A kid still in bed at 8:00 who should already have had breakfast and be in the shower when I get home from taking kid #3 to school.
Quilting bee blocks that were neatly organized and stacked so I would know who sent three separate piles not anywhere near the identifying envelops they came in.
The lid on the washer up.  The load in the washer wondering where the heck the hot water went to.
A gazillion pairs of shoes by the door to the garage.
A kid who over the week had black and blue knees that I iced down...only to find out it was dye from the jeans he had worn sledding the day before.  Thankful it came off in the tub. 
A bathroom floor that was clean and clear yesterday, piled high with clothes today.  Gee.  Someone cleaned out their bed?

But, I am thankful for things in spite of my self pity, I hate housework, I'm tired of homeschooling, long hair growing out-on a boy, cats with cancer pooping and peeing, dog just wants to go run in the snow when it's a -5 degree day, I am a living taxi, party.
I am thankful for:
The man who was walking by and helped Middleman push my car back into the driveway after getting stuck backing out of it.
Javi's 19th birthday and safe return from an Intervarsity conference down by the ice-encrusted airport.
Kelsey Koch went home to healing and Jesus.
A job my husband goes to every day that provides for us.
Heated car seats.
A garage.
Three somewhat, well, square meals a day.
A soft and warm bed at the end of the day.

And a cat who found out she can't walk on water.  Bean brought Wee-kips to me drenching wet.  I checked every possible spill source in the house before coming back to the kitchen to find wet paw prints coming out of the sink full of dishes. 

Please, I'm accepting donations from friends and family alike for a mini-vacation to Cancun, Mexico.  I hear the weather is great there and that it's a lot warmer there...than here!


  1. Sounds like a typical day in the life. :) hugs

  2. You always make me laugh, Dee!

  3. Dee, I love you for keeping it real.

    I WILL NOT be ashamed of the instant potatoes in my pantry.....I AM thankful that there IS food in my pantry.

    I WILL NOT be mortified at a washing machine that will go through it's entire cycle, lid open, with just the soap that I put in at the beginning when it was beginning to fill with water....I WILL be thankful that I have a washing machine to do my laundry AT HOME and not on a board down by the frozen creek.

    May GOD bless YOU AND YOURS, and keep us thankful for the STRENGTH he gives YOU and ME to deal with each day, ONE DAY AT A TIME.

    Adios, mi amigo,.......enjoy the sun.

    Now, look at that! My word verification word is KISSES !

  4. I'd offer you a warm vacation down here but it's still cold! Hang in there!

  5. I LOVE reading your real life, everyday ho hum posts Dee, you always make me feel better!

    I too have so much to be thankful for! we both are very blessed!

  6. that kind of day would wear me out!!!

  7. As a mom of eight grown children, one son and seven daughters, let me assure you that the day will come when they are all grown, on their own, and you have days when you really wonder (really, really wonder)where the time went after they are gone. Blessings to you, and enjoy each day as it comes (and when it ends)!


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