Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Is it ever coming back?  LOL

How yummy are these?

Or these?

With a little bit of this thrown in?
(all images courtesy of ebay)

I am so ready for green grass, trees budding out, and warmer temperatures.  I'm dreaming of a green St. Patrick's Day!  What about you?


  1. i think i might be the only person that is hoping for some more snow!!!

  2. OH YEAH !

    Bring it on !

    Your header is absolutely inviting !

    And I want ALL of those fabrics !

  3. Oh thank you, just what I needed! A beautiful new flowery header and wonderful colorful bright fabric!

  4. ooooh! gorgeous fabrics! and yes that flower banner just screams spring! I wish I could share some of my blooms and warmth with ya! HUGS!


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