Monday, February 21, 2011

Who me?

I can take it or leave it when it comes to celebrities.
I'm not an autograph collector.
I don't gush over Hollywood stars.

I've been tapped on the shoulder by a superstar!
I'm so pumped right now, I can't stand it.
This has totally made my year!
I'm such a geek!

This beautiful fabric is what caused all this.
It's from Pat Bravo.
Love.  Love.  Love.
(still excited!)

I've been working on my values quilt

and the Jack's Chain quilt.

See the darker "star" on the right?  That's the same fabric-Double Bloom in Taupe. 
It's such a beautifully complicated and versatile fabric to work with, I put more of it in the values quilt as I went along.  It has so many of my favorite colors all playing along nicely together.

So, here is where I am now.  Javi was home Saturday and agreed to help me get a photographic perspective on the overall design.  Having a tiny design wall and not much space to walk back for a larger view gets me a little quilter's block.

I am in love with this quilt!  It's watercolorish enough for hubby sweets, has the darker colors Javi likes, Middleman thinks it's cool and even Bean

wanted in on the action!  LOL
(the cat is just there because she's smaller and catchable!)

I posted pictures on flick yesterday and got an invite to add the Jack's Chain wip to Art Gallery Fabrics pool.  Okay.  I'm curious.  Who's pbquiltartist?  And why is she inviting me to her flickr group?
It's Pat Bravo!

I couldn't add the pictures of the Jack's Chain quilt that I have because it's in too many groups already.  So I will have to take more to add.  LOL  She also commented on the values quilt, so I added that one to the group.
I am a nerd first class.  Starstruck nerd I tell ya!
Deep sigh of coolness.


Excited to share the back of the Stars Over Indiana quilt the ladies at ISQB helped me put together.

I've been waiting to finish this one because I wasn't sure how I wanted the back to look.  But I loved the effect of the Single Irish Chain on the Aloha quilt so much

that that's what I decided I would do for this one too.

I'm so glad I listened!  This is such a soothing and fresh sight to see when I look at it.  Not sure where it's going design wise, but I like it!  The nine patches are all 1" squares.  Yes, I'm crazy.  But then you already knew that!

I'm working on three quilts right now and waiting for the Quilts for Comfort blocks to come in so I can make them into two quilts for cancer patients.  My mom is now on maintenance chemo.  Once every 4 weeks or so she goes in for a treatment.  She is one of the toughest, bravest, courageous women I know!

Thanks for sharing in the excitement with me!  Hope your day is a happy one!


  1. I always knew you were worthy of super-star status!!!

  2. you always have such great things posted! eye candy! congrats to you. :)

  3. Aw, I think we all feel that way (starstruck), and her lines are pretty. But it is your work that brought out the comment, and all these quilt tops posted are definitely star worthy! You have gorgeous pieces posted, Dee! I cannot decide what I like the most.
    I'll be praying for your Mom.

  4. Dee all of the quilts you're working on are so beautiful! I really love the values quilt! I've added it to my favorites on Flickr. Great, work. great

  5. These quilts have the WOW factor. I'm not surprised that she noticed and wanted you things in her group! Gorgeous!

  6. Congrats on the recognition. I love the green quilt at the bottom.

  7. Look at all your beautiful work! No wonder you are tapped on the shoulder, I am surprised it doesn't happen more!
    Anyways I am soo jealous of all your sewing and quilting! you definetly inspire me all the time! I thank you for that sweet friend!


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