Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blogging Vampirism....

is all I seem capable of right now.
You know, reading through my blog list and totally sucking whatever color, excitement and vitality out of them that I can...
without responding...
without blogging myself.
(disclaimer, I am commenting, just not faithfully as I normally do...I am a commenting freak)

My world is all about gray, brown and white right now.  In one week we had school delays for icy roads, snow dumps closing schools and getting out of bed at 2:30 in the morning for tornadoes.  Blah!  Monday, I needed a boat to get out of our neighborhood.
I do have some perennials starting to peek through. 
So I know it can't last much longer.

I am working on a flimsy right now.
In between...well, you know what I do, there's no need to list it.
I have three more months of cab driving and shuttle service before summer vacation kicks in.
I'm working to have it ready for photos to post on Friday since it's spring break for co-op and I will have time to post.

I leave you with this promise of spring... 

It's just around the corner!


  1. I hear you, Dee! Seems like I am just the same - everyone is doing quiltalongs and pillows and single girls and I just can't get motivated to join in. I am really holding out hope for the spring and nice weather to get me off my duff and add some spring to my [quilting] step!

  2. i think it is the time of year!! something about the gray weather

  3. thanks for the promise, dear! we all need it!

  4. I've seen what is going on with you, and it isn't all gray sister. Loved getting to see you last night and Saturday. Hugs to the whole fam.

  5. You have a busy life... you can give yourself a break!


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