Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday

is a happy day indeed!
Chris passed his online Driver's Education Course and now has only to complete his driving hours and take the written test and he'll get his license!
Huge congratulations!

I also completed a new pillow covering for Squishy.

I'm auditioning a vintage sheet to applique the Tessellation Quilt to.
It has spoken and told me I'm done piecing!
Do your projects talk to you?
Do they tell you what pattern needs to go with what fabric?
What the back needs to look like?
How it needs to be quilted?

(view from our stairs...very dizzy from leaning over! lol)

I wanted to keep the subtleness of it all going and found this beautiful vintage sheet.
Originally I had planned on appliquing this to a white background, but like the look of this instead.
Soft.  Old-fashioney and cheery!
What do you think?

Another project I'm working on, ruminating over, thinking about is the Jack's Chaine quilt.

I've always thought it needed something and I've found out what it is...
hexagon flowers!

Anne has this amazing quilt on Pinterest.

There are hex flowers in the middle of the center hexies!  I'm so glad I found this picture because it has re-inspired me to take this project out of the cabinet and finish it up!


  1. That really is a cool idea to add the center hexies in the middle. I already love how your chains quilt top looks, but it will be fun to see the whole thing together.

  2. Oh, that is a really stunning quilt top! Love the look of it and the way the colours seem to shift.

  3. I LOVE that pillow. So pretty! The Jacks Chain quilt is great too.

  4. OMG - the chain quilt looks so complicated! Love it!

  5. I followed your last post on the pillow at the top, oh, that made me smile! While I do not have my childhood favorite (a stuffed doggy), it was with me long into high school. You pillow is precious.
    The Tessellation Quilt is one that is amazing, you have done a nice job. I think it's way beyond me! But I do want to try the 9 patch layout you are doing, hmmm ~

  6. wow! that's a lot of intricate work there, but you've done a beautiful job. Love the pillow.

  7. Really really lovely EPP- how on earth do you make that Jack's Chain?! Just awesome.

  8. Your Jack's Chain quilt is really beautiful. The hex flowers will go beautifully. :)

  9. Your Jack's chain is really great! What a fun idea to add the hexagons to it. Glad you found your perfect inspiration.

  10. I will admit some of my projects talk to me. But usually, the only word they know is "No". No, that's not the right sashing. No, that quilting doesn't look right when you step back. No, you will not be piecing that block 12 more times if you expect to keep your sanity - next idea.

    I love that Jack's Chaine quilt - very unique and interesting.

  11. Love the Jack's chaine. I think center hexi's would really help cover up some of that extra white space.

  12. Go for it! It will be incredible!

  13. Your Jack's chain is lovely! I'd never seen the pattern and it is incredible. I hope you love the results with the hexie flowers.

  14. Congrats to your son.

    Your work is as always so pretty.


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