Monday, September 3, 2012


seems to be something a lot of us do for relaxation.
I like to sew because it's one thing I can do that actually stays done for longer than a day or less.
It's also a creative outlet.
Fabric is a canvas and paint and my sewing machine is the paintbrush.

Do you see ideas for quilt blocks and quilts wherever you go?
Do colors pop out at you and beg to be immortalized in bits of fabric pieced together?
Do you think we're crazy for taking perfectly good fabric, cutting it up, and putting it back together?

Inspiration can com from a barn.

I see possible quilt blocks just waiting to be drafted in tile.

Last time I shared another inspiration to help me finish a quilt top.

Here is the first little flower.

I used my hex ruler to cut out 1 1/2" hexies.  I machine pieced them together and originally was going to hand applique them to the quilt.  Hence, the ink lines using my Frixion pen.
Spoiler Alert!
I hate hand sewing!

So I fiddled with my machine stitch and settings and machine appliqued it on using a zig-zag stitch.  Soooo much faster and much more satisfying!

Five more little flowers later and I have this:

If you squint, you can see the star pattern of the nine patches a lot better.
Don't do it for a long time, or your face will freeze like that! and give you a nice wrinkle between your brows and a headache.

Today is the first "official" day of school for us.
Soccer season's here.
Leaves are turning and falling.
Flowers are fading.
School books are here and waiting to be opened for the first time.
Their spines stiff and ready to be cracked open for a peek inside.

Last year I made "Useful Baskets" and sold them as a fund raiser for our homeschool co-op.
I'm piecing a few together here and there again this year.

Thinking of Jon and his sweetheart as I make this next one.

Click on the links and come be enchanted and inspired!


  1. Oh, I wasn't expecting the blocks to be filled with hexies, but it sure looks pretty! I'm with you, I do not enjoy holding a needle and thread. I would rather do all stitching by machine. I say, if sewing machines were available and affordable years ago, our ancestors would be sewing by machine, too ~

  2. Your quilt is so pretty. What is the name of that pattern? Do you know?

  3. The quilt is gorgeous!!! I see blocks everywhere too. Oh for more time to sew....

  4. Dee there is always something special about the colors you choose that make you quilts sparkle. Or maybe twinkle I can't put my finger on it. I love this one just like the others, it's special.

  5. hello Dee, just stumbled upon your lovely blog. Yes I squinted and yes the stars magically appeared! Lovely job you did with this.
    I look forward to browsing some back posts.

    Kath in England


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