Thursday, September 13, 2012

Soccer and Homeschooling

This is a "This is a lot of what I think the world needs to know about homeschooling" post.

Homeschoolers join together for sports teams. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, golf etc. We have somewhere between 25-50 families from 2-3 adjacent counties who cooperatively form, coach and support these teams. Most games are played between other homeschooling teams and small Christian schools. We have state and national tournaments we can participate in also. We operate much like a small, county or rural school in how they are organized and played.

My guys are on the junior and senior high teams for soccer. The elementary and junior high teams are co-ed and the senior high girls and boys each have a team.

Two myths of homeschooling are the lack of socialization for the kids and their isolation.

I'm sure there are some homeschooling families out there who are the reasons for the stereotypes, but I haven't met them yet! LOL
Homeschooling families form co-ops that meet 1, 2, sometimes 3 times a week for classes.
We have sports teams.
We go on field trips with our co-ops and other families.
Our kids take piano, violin, guitar, drum, singing and other lessons from professional teachers weekly.
They go out in public with their parents during the day and interact with adults in real world situations and settings.
They have jobs.
They take dual credit/AP classes at local universities and tech schools.
In short, we are homeschooled, but our activities take us out into the world and there are some days...we aren't even home!

Some facts about our homeschooling community are:
We have a Prom and in the spring, a graduation ceremony.
Last year we graduated more seniors than the private, Christian school our oldest son graduated from.
Homeschoolers almost always get through 100% of their course materials in 180 days. (some families have "school" all year long!)
Homeschoolers have an almost 100% graduation rate.
We have one on one and corporate teaching.
We don't have snow days (unless the electricity is down).
Our school year schedule can adapt to the needs and demands of our families: ie vacations, work, illnesses, family emergencies etc.
And the best part ever is that I'm spending all of this quality time with my kids! I have their best interests at heart. I love them and will work with them individually to succeed. I'm sharing their day, their growth and learning and watching them mature and grasp ideas and concepts that are important to being a success in life.
Homeschooling rocks!


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