Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April WIP's


We just finished up our Spring Break for Homeschoolin' fools!
We N.E.V.E.R. get a Spring Break.
For the past six years, our Christian school, homeschool co-op, outside classes for homeschooling and the universities our oldest guys go to/take a class at have all had different times for Break.

So to make myself happy, I started a new project (or three) and worked on the Tangerine Dream Medallion quilt.

These prints sat for eleven years.  Collecting dust.  Hiding under clothes.  Moving from room to room trying to find where they belong.

No more!

I bought some white, acrylic paint and watered it down to a consistency a little bit thicker than milk and painted all of the frames, but for the center.

I then took some Modge Podge (love, love, love this stuff!) and using a ruler, tore my favorite scrapbook paper (to make a jagged edge) into the size I needed for the canvas frames.

And here they are now!  I really like the way they turned out.  There's just a purposeful hint of a shadow from the old prints "framing" the new paper and helping to break up the fresher white finish.  I coated the rest of each canvas and its side for a soft, glossy finish.

Even the boys like them!  They will hang on each side of the Digitalized Heart quilt over the mantle in our den.

I just finished painting in there!  Over a year ago (shame on me!) I started painting our yucky, old brick fireplace with a happy, bright shade of ultra white paint.
One very early, hot spring, even hotter summer and bringing Ben home to homeschool later....it's done!
When hubs cupcakes has time, he's promised to help me center and hang everything.

Two other Modge Podge and canvas projects worked on just for kicks...

a 6" x 6" canvas with sweet rose paper and a bird decal.  He will hang in the kitchen when I move onto painting in there.

We had an old, half-painted 16" x 20" canvas left over from a homeschool art class last year.
I wanted to experiment with the Modge Podge before doing the other project and played around with the papers and come up with this.
A Great Granny Square!
It's a bit rough in places, but I like it and will probably do something like this again.  It was fun to choose a block, the colors, cut the paper and start "piecing".

I also got to work on the next border of the medallion quilt I'm making.

The block is called Patience Corner and it's a fun one to piece too!
Also from quilt.com in the 6" version.

I decided to pull out the limey green from the center star and hand applique a small, yellow hexagon flower to it to continue that theme for the row.

Pretty pleased with how it keeps the colors with a scrappiness to it all!

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  1. You have been busy. Love what you've done with the frames, just beautiful. And your heart! Wow, I am such a big heart fan. I am thoroughly with your Patience Corner, beautiful colors.

  2. Wow Dee! You've been busy!! Everything looks great. See you Friday!

  3. Those frames are priceless! Good for you.

    That is a very interesting,detailed border for your Medallion top. Beautiful!

  4. Very cute colours! Like your idea with the prints!
    ipatchandquilt AT wordpress DOT com

  5. The frames you made are just prefect! They will look wonderful next to your heart. Decoupage is a fun art, isn't it? I like your paper granny square, too. Happy Easter break, you deserve it ~

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