Monday, April 8, 2013


was the word of the week.

Do you remember last March when the Granny Squares were all the rage?
I drank the Koolaid and made a small wall hanging inspired by the colors in my hot chocolate mug.

I used my last hoarded pieces of Moda's Sunkissed.

I was in the middle of painting our front hallway and wanted a cheerful and happy something to hang on the wall in there.

I used a Hunky Dory-ish type print for the binding and then used it as a table quilt for the next year as one thing after another kept me from finishing the painting (sad, sad, sad attempt at sympathy for such crazy apathy!).

While spring cleaning, I washed all my table quilts and found this:

Ack!  The top had come loose from the binding in one spot.
What to do?  What to do?
Well, we all know there really is only one thing to do.
Gently.  Gently.  Gently.
With a very soft touch with the seam ripper....remove the old binding

and replace it with a happy, bright, polka dot orange

and add corners to hold a dowel rod for hanging.

The word "hope" on the back with a close up of my FMQing.

Well, the painting is done now (and other rooms are groaning!) and I'm needing to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for another dowel rod and hanger to put this up.
A favorite quilt saved.

I'm also trying to get the nerve up to finish this:

Last time I worked on it, I broke four needles in a row!  Four!  Exasperating and intimidating to say the least.
I tried different sizes and types of needles and have been psyching myself up to try again.

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  1. The orange is perfect! I would love to see that sunny quilt in my front hall every day - great idea. I had the quilt pull out of my binding once, the sashing was all linen, and I learned to make sure that especially with linen I have a good sized seam. It's a horror when it happens.

  2. I love that new binding choice and you are so patient to do the whole binding all over:)

    4 times your needle has broken?...hmmm it is just cotton fabric and batting right?

  3. I love your sunkissed granny! beautiful.

  4. Orange AND pokeydots make a happy change in your lil' wall quilt, I'm sure you get your smile when you see it! I hope the other quilt will come together a bit easier for you. Having just spent 2 days of my spring break with some deep organizing and cleaning out, I sympathize with the chore, but I know the joy of accomplishment with some of the never ending job done. It makes your revived quilt a celebration, lol!

  5. 4 needles?! Wow, I can see why you need to psyche yourself up. I love the tree, hope you manage to finish!

    I also love the Sunkissed line--such happy colors!

  6. I love that granny square quilt. The orange really looks great with it.

  7. Love your granny square quilt. How frustrating, though, to have the binding come away from the quilt. I'm glad it was fixable. Your tree quilt is gorgeous and I hope, when you decide to continue, it won't give you any more problems. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  8. That tree quilt is quilt wonderful. I encourage you to finish it, you will be so proud of yourself when you do.

  9. Cute wall hanging! Glad you were able to repair it. Your tree quilt is lovely! why do you think you've broken so many needles? Hope you're able to finish it without anymore issues!

  10. Love the granny squares!! I'm still not over those even if they may have faded a bit in blogland. I have a box of fabric cut to make a large quilt of these. I've only done a couple blocks but I'll get to it again someday. Maybe by then they'll be back at being "all the rage"!

    Yeah, I'd try different brand needles and sizes and go for it. Sometimes the whole batch in a pack are bad for me and sometimes only one will be fine. Just keep at it! I want to see that done!

  11. Hi, Dee- I want to encourage you to finish the last piece you've pictured. It has such wonderful movement and color. Would love to have you come by my "Design Wall Weekend" blog party at on Saturday!

  12. Love your Granny Square quilt using Sunkissed. Hmmm, I have some left over Sunkissed jellyroll too...may have to use your idea!

  13. I liked the other binding, but the orange looks even better. And then it gave you the chance to add the pockets. Bonus! I am really drawn to the tree quilt and love the quilting. Hope you have better luck with your needles next go around.

  14. Keep going on the tree it looks really cool, I want to see it finished...LOL

  15. Wonderful mini using the great granny square blocks. Can't wait to see your finished tree project. The quilting looks wonderful.

  16. The tree leapt out of the screen to me. It's beautiful and needs to be finished. Is that a design of your own?

  17. Okay, I think the orange binding is happier!! Loving the tree. I have sme Superior brand needles of you haven't tried them I could bring them Friday.

  18. Love that tree and the quilting looks fantastic!!


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