Monday, January 20, 2014

Always In Style

Thank you for all the kind compliments on the mini!  My heart just sings at being able to bring something from the "throw away" pile into being used and loved today.
I haven't forgotten the Linens Quilt...
(see the twin basket in the top, right hand corner?  every little bit that can be!)'s just waiting until I'm ready to work on a larger project again.
Vintage lines lovingly stitched.  This table runner was stained and discolored and at the bottom of a basket of "cutter" embroidery pieces at an antique store.
Two of the end baskets were able to be saved.  One is, as shown, in the Linens Quilt, and the other is surrounded with peaceful blue scraps.
Some more hand quilting, turning corners ala Cathedral Windows style and a bit of creative binding with this gorgeous blue gingham, and now I have this:
You can't see it very well, but the word "peace" is stitched in the bottom, right corner.
Ahhhh.  How fun to finish another one!
A trip to Hobby Lobby also yielded a 1/2 price shadow box score and some plain, white scrapbooking paper to mount the "Joy" mini onto.  The frame of the shadow box is black and as soon as warmer temps come along, I'll spray paint it white to match our family room.
Hubs and I had a chance to do some shopping-hopping last weekend and I stopped in at an LQS, The Quilt Shoppe in Anderson, IN.  The wonderful shop owner, Dawn, is ordering the Quick Curve Ruler and Double Wedding Ring Pattern for me from
(yes, I know I can order it from Jenny, but we need to support our local brick and mortars too!)
Jon and Becker (my nickname for her!) have asked for a Double Wedding Ring quilt as a wedding gift and I love Jenny's pattern, Metro Rings...I had asked for the QCR for Christmas and kept forgetting to forward a link to hubs...
So, the ruler and pattern are ordered and Dawn has graciously offered to help if needed.
Thanks Dawn!
(love, love, love these kids!)
Also while at The Quilt Shoppe, I came across this little trinket in a Charity Donations basket
A little help from needle-nosed pliers, happy yellow scraps and ribbon and...
Come link up with and share what you've been working on this week and see what other bloggers have been keeping busy creating!
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  1. Sounds like you have been having oodles of fun!! I am hanging out to see your beautiful Linens quilt!!

  2. everything you touch turns into something beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Enjoy working on the Metro Rings pattern. I did one myself recently. Had a few hiccups,but in the end it was all worth it:)

  4. So much beauty in your work, I love the saved vintage embroidery. Make sure you show us the framed joy piece, too. Those Metro Rings are sure to be a great gift for the happy couple!

  5. I have a large stash of vintage linens I've been hoarding. I'm going to copy you. I'm in love!!! So glad I found you today. Happy Sewing.

  6. Will be interested to see how you get on with those templates... love the double wedding ring pattern.

  7. Your work looks fantastic and what a sweet way to use the trinket!


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