Monday, January 13, 2014

Stop and Start

Huge shout out to our son, Chris!  Not only was he accepted to the university of his choice for his under-grad studies, but he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship!
When we brought him home because of school bullying five and a half years ago...he was a very different kid.

Never wanted to step foot in a classroom again, hated school, hated learning, and hated reading.
God's grace and the love-support-encouragement of friends and family have helped guide and change him into a friendly, outgoing, Ph.D. bound young man who loves to learn new things, has read over a thousand books in the last five years, and has a circle of amazing friends!

Just so happy for him!
Proud of the positive things he has allowed to happen in his life
(thanks for the proud parent moment!)

It was very gratifying to start something and get it finished so quickly!
My Pinspired "mini" went from this:
to this:
in under two days!
I added hand quilting on the diagonal in the center and then bordered the basket using matching embroidery floss.
Outlined the scrappy squares and added a stripey binding.
It finished out at 10 1/2" square.
Oh, it makes me happy!
I want to stitch the word "joy" into the corner before I take it to Hobby Lobby for framing.
This was my inspiration piece (ahem).
Really enjoyed the creative process of this lil' sweetie and another dig into the vintage linens tote brought this piece to my attention.
The idea for a series was born.
This one makes me think "peace".
Perhaps because of the soft, calming colors or the symmetry of it all.
Look at how beautiful and perfect these stitches are!
"Peace" is bordered with this elegant fabric scrap that echoes the gentle curves of the basket.
Soothing blues to compliment the flowers.
Some of the fabrics are turned wrong side out to soften the color and help them blend better.
A block with the name of beaches on it.  A sweet blue bird of happiness in another.  Favorite fabric scraps from other projects that make me smile.
The third block down on the left has the word "wish" in it.
I'm wishing for "peace" in some relationships this year.
Not a New Year's resolution, but a life-wish for these relationships.
And like relationships, this piece needs a little work before I'm finished.
Come take a look at what other bloggers from all over the world are working on this week!
you can find me here 
Please remember Heather and Megan, the ladies from Quilt Story, in your thoughts and prayers.
They lost their dad before Christmas.
Sincere sympathies.




  1. ooooh! sooo pretty! geez now I am going to have to start looking for embroidered hankies or anything!!!

  2. Quite simply....SUBLIME!! Both pieces are perfectly gorgeous!! Congratulations to your son and to you; what an amazing achievement!! It sounds as if you all have travelled (and still are) a journey filled with lots of bendy roads....but then, that what makes this life so very interesting!!

  3. Congrats to your son and ALL your amazing work with him as parents!!!!

    Love your embroidered flowers--darling! Isn't it exciting and surprising to be able work up a small quilt so very quickly sometimes!

  4. God can do some neat stuff, I'm so happy for your dedication to train him up! Many blessings to him and the path that lies ahead. Proverbs 3:5,6
    You hav done such a sweet job on your little minis, too, always LOVE your vision for quilty goodies ~

  5. Lovely! now off to find quilted items to frame :)

  6. Congrats to your son! That is really fantastic! Your little mini quilt, is so cute! The hand work on it really adds to it! :)

  7. Beautiful minis! This is a great way to use vintage linens and I have a ton. Congrats to your son! What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it. God is good.

  8. Love they way you've mixed the vintage with the new fabrics. Congratulations on your son's accomplishments! Best, Kate

  9. I'm so happy for your son! Congratulations on the SCHOLARSHIPPED acceptance to the school of his heart's desire. I know just how you feel about that transformation. Go, Dee's Young Man!! Way to make your life your own! (P.S. I really love your mini and the "peace" project)

  10. Congrats to your son. What a huge accomplishment.

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  12. Your work is incredible. I love the old fashioned look of these embroidery designs and the colors and fabrics that you used. It is also sweet to find a sister blogger who asks and offer prayer for her friends. There is so much talk about the bad things about the internet, but when blogs are used to encourage , share and pray for others . . . well, let us just say that there is much good going on through the internet, too.
    God bless you.
    Your newest follower and sister blogger, Connie :)

  13. I have saved vintage linens and wanted to incorporate new fabrics also, so this is just what I needed for inspiration. Love the story of your son and know his life has been enriched because of people who loved and shared God in his life.


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