Monday, January 26, 2015

Love Across the Years

This week I managed to do some cleaning in the stash area and found a stitching piece from about twenty years and three houses ago.  I wanted to make something handmade (lots of love, but not a lot of money) for the hubs for Valentine's Day way back when.  That  year I ended up giving him a different gift and this scrap of stitching was packed away at the bottom of a half-finished projects box.
Played around Saturday and added some scrappy sashing made in part from an attempt at doing a French Braid block several years ago.  This ended up on the top and bottom with some sweet posey fabric on the side.  While looking through the pinks/reds stash I found this luscious red polka dot!
The vintage linens tote (which was already out from working on another project, thank you) yielded this gorgeous table runner.  How perfect a match is this!  I cut and sewed the fabric from the table runner so the red border would be on the outside of what was quickly turning into a pillow.
This one will be for the hubster.  He's been asking me to make one for him to use when he's in bed surfing the net.  How fun that a piece meant for him so long ago, will still be given to him soon!
 I finished the vintage linens repurposed table topper.  All the quiltey love I got in the comments made me smile!  Thank you!  Oh, so over the moon in love with this.  I added some large stitch quilting around the inner edge of the embroidered piece, meandered my way around the rest of it and used one of my favorite, stripey fabrics for binding.
Happy, happy, happy! 
 I also wanted to apologize for not including credit for the little girl's picture.  It was an image I had saved a long time ago and when I go back to research it, Google tells me the link is broken.
Pinterest tells me it's from
Hoping you're staying warm and safe here in the States where the cold is in control!  A good excuse to curl up with a blanket, hot chocolate and links to some amazing blogs sharing inspiring and beautiful projects!





  1. Happy, happy, happy am I....'tis Tuesday and I get to visit Dee's lovely blog to rest my eyes awhile on some more pretty lovelies. Firstly, your sweet cross stitch, bordered by those luscious fabrics is making my heart go pit-a-pat....'tis so sweet. AND....your table topper....oh my oozes sheer bliss! All those pretty fabrics encompassing those sweet li'l bluebirds really, really make my heart sing!

  2. Hello! I am Silvana, a physician from Brazil, that loves to quilt in fhe free hours!
    First I wanna tell you that I was looking all your posts in the last two years and your blog is a inspiration for all of quilters in the worls! You are very talented!!
    And second, when I was searching for a project to make a miniquilt for a friend (in a flickr's swap), I saw your gorgeous Tree Grown miniquilt! I am in loooove with it! I would ask you if you give me a permission to make one mini inspired in yours! I asked also a permission also for Rett, the lady who have drawn the picture that inspired you when You made your stunning mini!
    Hope you don't mind that I asked you in this comment! Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Best Wishes from Brazil!
    Silvana ( a.k.a. silort)

    1. Hi Silvana! I have loved your quilts on Flickr for a long time! You have such a good eye for color! I know Rett was very gracious and generous in letting me use her ideas in my own can I do anything else? LOL. I would love to see this done by you! I look forward to watching your progress! Thanks for asking, you are so sweet! Good luck!


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