Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What a Week!


I'm a Little Snowman
short and fat.
Here is my scarf,
and here is my hat.
When the sun comes out,
I melt away.
But when it's cold,
I'm here to stay!

Here in Indiana, the snowmen are having a ball!  Snow, freezing rain, wind...pretty much sums up half of the country right now doesn't it!

Perfect weather to stay indoors and finish up some projects.
Last week I was working on a pillow for the hubster:
It began from a small piece of stitchery found after about twenty years of forgotten-ness.  A little creative repurposing
it joined some of the others I've made on the couch in the living room for a quick picture.  Don't worry though, the hubs quickly claimed it!  He likes to surf on his tablet at night before going to bed and wanted a pillow to help prop up his back.   
This week, I also had my first cold of the season.
Another good reason to not venture out into the cold and snow.
Happy scraps and a couple of snippets of leftover lovelies repurposed into bookmarks for some of the special women in my life.
On the left, this was a flower my great-grandma stitched.  It seemed only appropriate this bookmark go to my mom.  My MIL loves blue and what better than a blue bird of happiness for her.  The red (love) was gifted to my new daughter by marriage and the purple bookmark was given to our middle son's sweet girlfriend.  Different women with different and unique strengths...but all share the common joy of reading!
And for me?  I love reading too!  Back to the vintage linens tote where I spied this little cutie.  In spite of frayed edges and stains,
it's a cheerful way to mark my progress through a book.
Another way to add some cheer and inspiration to your day is to head on over to these blogs:
Leaving you with a picture which sort of summed up the week.  I'm sewing down this row of the quilt, contrary to the directional arrow I marked for myself.



  1. Looks like you are having some productive snow days. Your husbands pillow is beautiful.

  2. What fun, cheerful, springy, projects for a cold wet day.

  3. To me, hubby's pillow looks like it has a delicious chocolate bar in the middle of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really like the bookmarks, and how you use these throwaway pieces of precious embroidery !

  4. I want to sit on your couch amongst all those gorgeous cushions. Oodles of delightful colour abounds in your home! Those bookmarks are so pretty, Dee. Did you perchance make that cute and smiley snowman....he looks as if he is having the time of his life.

  5. Lovely way to turn those little embroideries into something very precious! Linda

  6. Your husband's pillow is sure to see lots of use and so I'm sure will the beautiful bookmarks.

  7. Your collection of pillows is wonderful! Incorporating the vintage is makes it even more special!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  8. Such cheery projects to brighten up winter!

  9. well you already know I lov eyour pillows!!! and I am in love with the bookmarks you made... I might have to copy the idea, I seen some a while back that I liked a lot but forgot but now you are inspiring me!
    hope your cold goes away fast, I had one 2 weeks ago...yuck! hugs!

  10. Great pillows, you have chosen such bright colors.

  11. Darling pillows and book marks! So special with your embroidery!


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