Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seam Rippers

Mornin'. The sun is shining here, birds are singing, flowers are blooming...God is in heaven, and all is right with the world. says that seam rippers are 'a handy tool that makes it easy to rip out a seam gone bad. Keep this tool handy!'

My seam ripper is tucked up on a space next to my bobbin winder. It waits for me...and depending on how my day and sewing have gone, it either taunts and mocks me with its very need...or it is the magic eraser of all my boo boos. LOL Right now, it's been a good friend for helping me rip out an unused pillow sham so it can be combined with some cabbage rose, cottage fabric to make a new cushion for an old walnut and wicker chair we found at an antique mall.

For years I'd been on a mission to find 'the chair' for our den. I'm not vertically the chair had to be low to the ground. I don't like modern furniture, so 'the chair' had to have some classic components. And above all, it had to be cushy and able to hold a curled up body, pillow, blanket and book on a rainy day. This one fit the bill perfectly! When I figure out how to add pictures, I'll post before and after shots.

One thing I hope that comes through this blog is how much I love life and the One who gave it to me. I was thinking about the dumb, stupid things I have done in my life while ripping out a seam on a quilt last week, wishing I had a seam ripper for all the mistakes I've lived. A way to remove them...reposition and re-pin the fabric of my life...and sew perfectly straight lines.

But then, the wisdom I've gained from having to live with crooked seams whispered quietly in my ear...where there is haste, patience may be learned...where there is anger, self control may be learned...where there is suffering, hope is born.

So, maybe seam rippers are handy tools to have when you're quilting and sewing projects...but, for now, I'll let the Tailor teach me through mismatched, crooked seams how to be just a little bit more like Him.

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