Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas movies is "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen. 

Hubby snuggle and I have watched it almost every Christmas Eve while wrapping presents for a very long time.  Just read that.  Yes, we have been watching it for many years (a long time) and we do wrap presents for a long time (at least it seems like that when it's midnight and we've been up all day and will be back up at the crack of dawn).
Tonight, while working on Christmas projects, I was listening to jazzy Christmas music playing in the background.

Santa's little elves brought down the Christmas tree and decorations from the attic.  The elves want to wait until Santa and Mrs. Clause are focused (and not working their cute, little fingers to the bone on work brought home from the office and Christmas gifts) to put the tree up and decorate.

As the holidays approach, we get out the world's best family game.  It encourages peaceful co-existence, harmony between family members and love that never needs to say "Sorry".  Ahem.  It looked like cage fighting and sounded like a fox had got into the henhouse the other night when we decided to have family game night.

Sheesh.  I mean, really.  Whoever thought up this game should have tested it on our boys first.  Evil devils Sweet, angelic boys all the way around and around and around and over and under and yelling and arguing.  I love spending time with family.

See me there?  On the path.  With a warm, gray, wool overcoat, cute light pink, knitted hat and matching gloves.  Sweet, cozy pink boots.

No?  I don't see it either.  And it ain't gonna happen!  'Cause I hate the cold!  LOL

Only place you'll see me is next to one of these!



  1. Dee, you always crack me up. we did a little family game night tonight but my kids were not nearly as lively as it sounds like yours were. White christmas is my all time favorite christmas movie.

  2. I used to love Sorry -- as an opportunity to be mean to my siblings without getting in trouble. Hehehe.

  3. Great post Dee. Sounds like a typical family game night to me. Always fun. Can't believe it is time to bring out the Christmas decorations, wrap presents and crank up the holiday music. I am not ready!!!

  4. I to love that movie. I have to beg my family to sit with me to watch. Family game night for us is just as crazy. Especially with my daughter who thinks she knows it all. Got to love her! LOL

  5. I love that movie too! So do my girls~the boys not so much~I think their exact words were "chick flick"~whatever, it's a classic. We too love boardgames,daughters #2, #3 and I were up 'till midnight Saturday playing a raging game of Sponge Bob Life. . .simple pleasures.

  6. FABULOUS post. I am chuckling over the walk in the snow on a moonlit night....NOT! :)

    Oh, and White Christmas is one of my all time favorite movies! Gotta love Bing.


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