Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If I had a hammer

I would pound my head with it!

We're getting 100% of our Algebra I done this summer if it kills us.
Right now it's only-
making my head hurt
making me strongly dislike Middleman's whiney ways
making me listen and watch Middleman do everything he can to squirm out of doing fractional exponents and scientific notation
not letting him go to the pool with his buddy Alexis
making him grimace in anger and frustration
knowing that yesterday he did as little as possible to get by

I need a Drumstick!

(pray for me 'cause the hammer sure is a lot less calories than a drumstick!)


  1. Drumsticks are so good aren't they? But I must admit that pounding that hammer would burn some calories instead of eating the ice cream. Maybe you could do both at once?

    Stay strong Dee and middleman will be so happy to get that Algerbra done!

  2. Oh man, it makes my head hurt to even try and think about trying to get someone to do algebra. I truly admire you for doing what you're doing with such diligence. You're in my thoughts!

  3. oh boy did I laugh at this post. Good luck, Dee! I'm rootin' for ya!

  4. oh, i feel your pain! one of my boys finished yesterday, but the other one has many math lessons to go....and he doesn't want to do them. this next year we need to keep up with the lessons, no matter what and we will avoid this.

    hang in there! :)

  5. Sorry, Dee. I'm starting review with the twins this week in math; trust me, it doesn't help to have the B.S. behind your name (in mathematics, mind you) when it comes to having your kids do math! Be patient, my friend. The Drumstick is a 50/50 deal. . .it's either going to make you feel WAY better. . .or guilty; but the hammer. . .that's a no win! Hugs!

  6. If they wouldn't melt, I'd send you a box of Drumsticks. Back away from the hammer, Dee!

  7. Poor Dee, hang in there! We are working on potty training around here and I don't think I would even trade that for math lessons :)

  8. LOL. Did you tell him fun time is over? And did he say he didn't know it had started? I feel your pain!

    Now, can you imagine teaching 40 of these times 5 without anything like pool time to motivate them? ;)

  9. I also have my kids doing math during summer break. I'm always afraid they will forget everything and then starting back to square one. They also give me this look, if looks could kill, when I tell them it's time for math. They'll thank me later, I hope. Have another drumstick for me too.

  10. Oh, dearest, I feel your pain! We got so far behind in homeschool this time… too much "extracurricular" and not enough "curricular" apparently. Hang in there!

  11. I hope he thanks you for it some day. I actually do use my algebra when figuring out quilting projects and things like that. But for quilting, I really use the geometry. Anyway, I hope you all survive and have some fun, too.

  12. Love your sunny new quilt and flowers in your banner.

    Good luck with the Algebra. Stand back and be amused at how smart middleman is to think up all of those reasons to NOT do the math. It's brilliant how simply clever they can be. Truly, Mom, appreciate it:) My grandson was A-MAY-ZING with some of his theatricals to get out of homework.

    Hugs and kisses, cupcake.


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