Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ditzy Doodle Forgot a Title Post

Thank you all so much for your kind words on the tablerunner.  I look at it every day and smile!

Last time we shared some time together, Jen asked me about the memory quilt I'm making for Marcia.  Jen, I followed these tutorials to help me:

I'm thinking I will have to add some knit shirts in to make enough squares.  So, I'll let you know as I go along.  I've most of the flannel and cotton shirts cut into squares and the jeans have been cut up so the denim can be made into squares as well.

In between the memory quilt (I don't have a picture of the first one on this computer) and the Higgeldy Piggeldy quilt

I decided to test block the awesome tutorial Jen pointed out to me a couple of posts ago from the
Here's the first one cut out sort of pieced together

I decided to take some of my vintage loveliness and pair it with a new polka dot print from who knows where.  The tutorial has you pressing your seams open but I've decided I don't like this for quilts as it "seems" to let them pull apart easier.  I press all my seams to one side so I can sort of "lock" them in with another seam as I sew.  I found my points lines up much better this way.

Here it is all put together, enjoying the flowers.  One very important thing I have learned is the precision of your cutting makes or breaks this block.

Another thing I learned is no matter how hard you try, how many seams you rip, and how many times you reposition the squares, if the points don't want to match--they won't!  It doesn't look so bad here, but I pieced this bad boy together three times and it's still off in matching a lot of seams.  (I still really like it though!)

It's so hard because every time I finish one, I think it's my new favorite combination.  Hubby love's favorites are the green, pink and yellow (in that order).  I like them all, but of course, the last one is my new favorite!

Thanks Jen, you're a sweetheart!  Stop by her blog, she's celebrating her blogiversary with a giftaway!

Ta for now and have a great afternoon!


  1. Dee, great star blocks - I really like this pattern. I've attempted doing these the old-fashioned way with Y-seams and they didn't come out too well. I think my fave is the yellow one.

  2. LOVE love your stars blocks!! You've been busy!

  3. You really 'git er done' when you get going good !
    Beautiful !

  4. Your stars are beautiful! What a great way to use all that vintage goodness!

  5. these are so so pretty...i love that you incorporated the vintage sheeting.

  6. I am sorry, your really shouldn't have spent so much time on blocks for my quilt!!!! But I am glad you did!!! Now, when will you be finished?



  7. I love the blocks. I just ordered some vintage charms and plan on hitting the 2nd hand shop today for more~besides there may be an old piece of furniture in need of repurposing!

  8. Dee..Thanks for the Memory quilt tips! I'll be off to check those out next! And I LOVE your starflower blocks! They look great! And yes, they can be hard at times to match all those points! But they all look great! I'm glad that tutorial worked for you! I also press my seams to one side. Seems to work for me as well. Thanks again Dee!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your star blocks. I LOVE them all....did I mention that already? LOL Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Sorry it took me a bit to respond. I've been struggling with health issues.....still UGH! But God is good and He's keeping me sane and sewing...not necessarily in that order. Did I mention that sane = zany???


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