Friday, June 11, 2010

Sew & Tell Friday Finish

And I thought I got a lot done the week before!

Friday the 4th was Bean's last day of school til next year.  See him giving me the "two thumbs waaaay up" signal?

Later that night:

Middleman, J and Bean are waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin.

We are now the proud parents of a highschool graduate and college freshman!  We're so proud of you Javi!

On the stand is the picture of a beautiful young lady who would have graduated with Javi's class.  She died of a heart condition their freshman year.  Her mother was there to give a testimony and receive an honorary degree on behalf of her daughter.

One down, two to go.
Another great finish for the week!

Saturday, we partied!

Punch and cake at our house in the afternoon and a cookout with family and friends later that night at Mimi and Dad's house.  Thanks everyone for hosting or helping make this special occasion so memorable for all of us!

Another finish!  Next party is Middleman's 15th birthday in a couple of weeks!

Sunday we drove round trip over seven hours to visit my grandpa who went into emergency surgery.  He's doing great and hopefully today the rest of his packing comes out.  (that sounds really gross!)  Love you Grandpa!

Wednesday and Thursday were awesome!  I'm so thankful to have been able to be there with Javi and help him navigate freshman orientation and picking out classes.  About 9:30 Wednesday night, he decided the major he thought he wanted, wasn't.  So, hubby-passing-on-the-family-business and I helped him think his options through and make a new choice--with a totally different direction for classes!

Being part of the Honors College at this university sounds like the experience of a lifetime.  I'm really looking forward to watching him go through classes and become what he dreams of becoming!

Huge thank you to mum in love who watched Bean and Middleman these two days.  Middleman had a youth activity Wednesday she got him to and Thursday my "California surfin' dude" went to work at the pool again.  I'm so proud of him!  He's learned to bake cookies, make pizza, shmooze the members and what to do in situations he's clueless on-ask for help from a manager!  LOL

This week also saw me getting a little further along into the 40's.  I don't mind as long as hubby is here living the good life with me.  My mom and I share a birthday, so that makes it even more special!  Happy Belated Birthday Mom!

Somewhere, in the craziness of it all, I managed to piece together my IMQG block for Janet.  Who graciously signed me up for the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild a couple of months ago and invited me to join the group's bee.

She asked us to make 12 1/2" brick blocks with some incredibly fun and fabulous fabrics!  A lot like free piecing, which is one of my favorite ways of relaxing and destressing.  I love the little bikini babe and friend!

Today? well we've slept in a little bit and Javi will head back over to campus to the Career Center and get registered in their system for (hopefully) an on campus job that will work around his class schedule.

Thanks for sharing in this wild adventure the last few weeks.  VBS starts Monday for Bean.  Three hours of time in the morning to catch up!  Summer Vacation starts today!

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  1. well those blocks looks so great but more important than that HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i hope you had some special celebration in the midst of all your other celebrations. congrats to your son for his accomplishments

  2. You have been crazy busy! Happy birthday and gradation! Those blocks look incredibly fun.

  3. The blocks look awesome! Happy birthday and awesome with the graduation! I remember those days!

  4. Many congrats to your son!

    Wow! I love that bright, cheerful block. I'm surprised you had time to work on it with all of the festivities.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday and congrats to your son! Good luck in the next stage of his life!

    Beautiful quilt block!

  6. Totally summer blocks :) - swimmers included.

  7. Great block! It's so colorful and cute. Congrats on the graduate and happy birthday too!

  8. You've got a lot going on! Congratulations to Javi and happy birthday to you!

    Nice block:)

  9. Sounds like life is busy, but life is good! Happy b-day and congrats to your son!

  10. love gthat block and congrats on getting the first one through high school!

  11. Congrats to your son, not only for graduating, but for being part of the Honors college as well!!

    And I concur, that bikini babe in your awesome brick block are tdf :)

  12. Congratulations with your highschool graduated son. Beautiful IMQG block, I love the fabrics.

  13. Happy Birthday Dee! I trust it was much enjoyed with your pile of boys.

    Congratulations on the new graduate and on the excitement of starting his college life.

    Fabulous block! Had to giggle with both the mermaid and the sushi :)

  14. Your blocks are adorable. Congratulations to your graduate. Happy Belated Birthday to you and your mom. Indeed, the birthdays are easier to swallow with a good man by your side. :-)

  15. Happy belated Birthday Dee!!! Sounds like there's been lots of reasons to celebrate in your family. Congratulations to the graduate! Love your block and welcome to the wonderful world of Modern Quilt Guilds ;-)


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