Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Musings

Pinteresting things going on all over.

Hi.  My name is Dee.  I've been Pinteresting now for over a month.  I guess you could say it's all my quiltey bloggey friends' faults.
Although, I know I need to take ownership of my own choices.

This is the 'Nanner Dog that was shared with all "my" kids at homeschool co-op this week.  Lots of interest in learning how to make these, crochet these, knit these, Play Doh these...Pinterest has been an awesome oasis of DIY/Crafts, Gardening and Outdoors for me.
My own huge "Happy Place" to go to when things in the real world get a little, well, stressed.

I also shared on my FB page this cute lil' fella with the caption,
"The only way we should ever push people."

A friend commented, "Hang on tight little mousie."

Yeah.  About that.
Seems we are imperfect people in an imperfect world.
Go figure.
And sometimes...many times...a lot of times...those imperfections spill out of ourselves and into other people's lives.
And it can get very dramatic.  And emotional.  And pushy. 
 People wanting.  People whining.
Selfishness and self servingness everywhere!

So, imagine my delight when I read Penny's blog this morning.
It just made me smile.
If you have had a hard week for whatever reason, you should go read it too.
Trust me on this one.


  1. I love you my dear sweet sister for life!!!!!! We will get through this!

  2. Thanks for the smile this morning, Dee. And a big hug for you.

  3. You hang in there sister! I thank you for your post, you actually helped me! also thank you for letting me know you are on Pinterest and FB, off to find you! ;) HUGS!

  4. Ahhh, I see you have found Pinterest too;-) There is some amazing inspiration to be found there....Happy Friday to you Dee!


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