Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red Hot Valentine's Star Rose Block

Happy Valentine's Day!

As bold as can be!  Some red hot block lovin' goin' on here.
This is an eye popping block if ever there was one.
Waaaaay out of my usual soft, muted palette, but I desperately wanted to use the center rose and some special vintage fabric found last summer while out thrifting with hubby-Valentine's-sweet.  The lightest print with pink and orange fabric is so pretty in person.

Next up is a happy, scrappy flower gifted to me by KT surrounded by beautiful blues.  Can you see the bluebirds flitting around the block?  Love Kaffe Fassett's fabrics here to really draw the eye.

And last, but certainly not least, this crazy block!  If I had been thinking, I would have fixed the mistake (can you see it?).  I thought things looked a little, well, weird and spider-like...but it wasn't until I looked at the picture that I figured it out.  Oh well.  These blocks are like children.  I don't have a favorite, but love them all equally!

I'm linking up with Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday today and with Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday.
Can't wait to see all the quiltey love there.
Come join us, woncha!


  1. Very pretty!
    Even your so called mistake.....

  2. It's okay - sometimes spiders break a leg, too! Are you planning on appliqueing them to a solid fabric?

    Visiting from QuiltStory's link-up!


  3. Fabulous blocks! Thanks for linking!

  4. These blocks are all so pretty!! What are your final plans for them? I'd love to see where this goes next!

  5. Wow! Those blocks are just stunning, great work!

  6. So pretty, Dee! I love the romantic flower print centers.

  7. I love colour, and I love your blocks! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  8. Love your blocks! So colorful! The spider- like block is amazing, can't see any mistake

  9. Those are some gorgeous, bright rose stars! You've really got me inspired to tackle some more of my own.

  10. These are absolutely beautiful! I love the colors!


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